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INDIGO, EDUCTOR, SCIO Education and Training

These courses or course package gives you the foundational tools to understand your new device and put it into practice quickly! It provides the firm grounding in correct device usage, skillful communication and how Anatomy and Physiology is referred to and referenced on the software’s various panels. It also provides you with the necessary training for taking the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB) Biofeedback test to qualify as a “Certified Biofeedback Technician” (CBT), which is the first level of certification.

The skills you learn in this course package prepare you for applying the specialized techniques covered in our Level Two and Three courses.

Level One: Foundations of Biofeedback and Basic Operations – $799 BUY

Course 1 – Basic Operations: This course not only explains the Clasp32/INDIGO/Eductor64 software programs in depth in terms of what it’s actually doing, but also demonstrates how to operate the each panel in the software, culminating with how to conduct two different styles of basic sessions to get you “up and running” quickly with your new device. In addition to explaining the program and device, it is a solid orientation to the principle of “Superconsious Reactivity” at the heart of what makes this device unique to any other. It also includes lecture information on the “Basics of Classical Biofeedback” in a way that not only prepares you for the Technician exam, but also explains how they are incorporated into the technology.

Course 2 – Effective Communication: in addition to orienting you to the Jurisprudence (legal) guidelines that surround the practice of biofeedback, this course teaches you communication styles that create rapport between you and your client, in ways that support them to open up, share more freely and find their own solutions. The techniques covered in this course can easily be applied to communicating more effectively in all areas of life, be it with family, friends or in business. This course is part recorded and part interactive with an instructor online. It satisfies the “coaching” requirements for CBT status.

Level Two: ISS Intermediate Stress Management – Principles & Technique- $499 BUY

These modules cover how to conduct sessions in areas that biofeedback is proven by science to be an efficacious intervention for, including anxiety, pain management, bruxism, high blood pressure control and the effects of stress on adrenals and blood sugar. In addition to deepening your biofeedback skills with more refined applications of the software that will open up a new level of awe of the power of Superconscious Reactivity, this course also demonstrates how to include case-specific relaxation training into your biofeedback sessions and how to participate in clinical research.

Level Three: ISS Advanced Wellness Support Methodologies – $1,559 BUY

The “Advanced Wellness Support Methodologies” course package is a thorough culmination of the 2 previous levels into Wellness Support. This course package includes an orientation to theories behind the various natural wellness fields incorporated into the design and purpose of Quantum Biofeedback that allow you to take your device usage to even deeper levels.

This course package includes an orientation to the principles of Homotoxicology, Homeopathy, Pleomorphism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and Dark Field Analysis. In depth coverage of TMD dental panel applications, Holistic Digestive Wellness Support, Stress and the Immune System, Degenerative Stress and Pain, and advanced NLP panel applications in light of Human Growth, Development and Recovery principles based in Erik Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development are all covered in a way that allows you to be truly integrative and holistic in your approach.

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