5 5 12 New SCIO Software Announcement; QX Subspace News Release July 12, 2012


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: QX Subspace News Release July 12, 2012

The Support Central team would like to make you aware, if you are not already, of an announcement that was released by Budapest Home Office (BHO) and sent to SCIO practitioners or anyone signed up for thier newsletter .

Our own announcement is that we, as well, have just received this notification.  Any information provided to The Quantum Alliance by BHO in regards to the substance of the news release has been only that there is a new Clasp32 for SCIO software upgrade Special Edition with a multi-language facility about to be released, and some price-to-practitioner charges for those that do want to upgrade. This is not a regular upgrade so there is a cost to purchase. See below.

This new version is referred to as the 5 5 2012.  BHO states that it will be available and released for online download, from a new website, beginning on Saturday July 14, 2012. This new website has not yet been declared, but there exists their main website http://www.qxsubspace.com from which contact information may be obtained.

SUPPORT CENTRAL asks that you be aware of the following information:

Stated by BHO in their news release; was that if you have further questions, feel free to contact them.  However, no contact information was supplied. As with the rest of the information required to understand the elements of this upgrade, we will wait for further announcement from BHO and then make it available to you as we have it.

Thank you, the team at TQA.

(The above announcement was sent out to the TQA netwrok on July 13, 2012)


(The content below is the quoted text copied from the [Qxsubspace] Newsletter [newsletter@qxsubspace.com] sent on July 12, 2012)

5-5-2012 Software Release!

Dear registered users,

We have the great pleasure of announcing you that the 5-5-2012 version of the SCIO Software will be released on Saturday the 14th of July 2012! There are many exciting new features and fixes in this version of the software we hope you will enjoy and find useful.

The most exciting new feature of all, expected by many for a long time, is the translation of the Software in many different languages! With the new release, we have the software now translated into German, Spanish, Chinese and Korean. We are working on several other languages like French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese and more!!!

The languages will be available to all users, with no special activation required. As the translation of the huge database of the Software has cost our company a lot of resources and efforts, we have changed the SCIO Software activation price to 200 EUR. Another important new addition to the program is the BIG Software (Biofeedback Interfaced Graphics), the most advanced Biofeedback application in the world today, a program that allows you to view the reactions of the body electric in real time and help the clients train their body reactions as the measurement happens. The BIG Software will need to be separately activated for the price of 150 EUR.

In the 5-5-2012 we have fixed a lot of the remaining issues from the previous versions and improved many of the existing functions.

Along with the new software, you will notice that we have put in place a new website. This website is designed to be user friendly, include more structured information and a lot of new features and functions, as well as a completely new design.

This content added July 13, 2012:

SCIO International has also worked on a Romanian and Spanish version of the Software. If you wish to use one of these two languages please contact SCIO International at info@scioqxci.net. Please note that the Budapest Home Office has its own Spanish version that requires no additional activation.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us!

Best regards,

The BHO Team