7 7 10 INDIGO Update Instructions




(PLEASE DO NOT USE the BHO 7.7.10 down load hosted on www.qxsubspace.com as this is designed for SCIO and not the INDIGO)


As always plan plenty of time (when you don’t have clients scheduled) and time well ahead of Support Central closing hours to get help in case you need it. If you already know that you have a poor or inconsistent internet connection (have experienced problems with previous downloads of this type) you should opt to order the Enhanced Installation DVD, which can be ordered through The Quantum Center of Excellence.



This process is ONLY for those who currently have 3 3 10++ or 5 5 10 already installed!

Anyone with software older than 3 3 10 will need to call Support Central for further instructions.  You will be asked to check your computer specifications, order a disk and make sure the prerequisites are done first!  This will have to be done first before you can proceed any further.

Anyone with a Virtual Machine may need assistance.

(If you are still currently using any of the 09 or earlier versions and wish to update please call Support Central for further instructions as there may be several things to take into consideration computer specifications, prerequisites and ordering the software on DVD).

Make sure that you run and apply the appropriate update.exe file STEP ONE (options listed below) before using the iNDIGO Update Tool.

Otherwise your results will be the loss of your client files

There are 2 different options 32 or 64 bit, make sure you select the correct one for your O/S

IF you are unsure if you have a 32 or 64 bit, you can check by review the following;

Right Click Computer
Click Properties
Review the information about your O/S and Computer if you do not see 64 bit stated it will be a 32 bit.  If it is 64 bit it will be stated here.


Updating the Update Tool   (see below for helpful tips with this process)

  1. a.    Indigo Update Tool – 32 bit computers http://qcupdate.com/indigo/Update.exe
  1. b.    Indigo Update Tool – 64 bit computers http://qcupdate.com/indigo/Update64.exe


Running the Indigo Update Tool   (See extra helpful tips for this process below)


OPENING the Indigo program:

 If there are any error messages of any kind when you attempt to open Clasp32 or Indigo program please DO THE UPDATE TOOL DOWNLOAD PROCESS AGAIN.

Most problems are due to an improper download.  Many have had to do it several times.  When you can open the program it will be a good indication that you have been successful.


Password Screen;

You will need to carefully enter your name (misspellings require a reinstall to correct) and country (select Planet Earth for full functionality).


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to properly apply the appropriate Matrix changes that are so important in this update, please do the following;

1)      After the download is complete (and activated if necessary) proceed to the Main Matrix Screen.  Go System Power Settings and at the bottom of the list you will see a new option “Potency Equalizer”.  You MUST click this before you run the Test Function.  Once this has been checked (you will see a check mark in front) the computer will memorize and it will remain checked for all subsequent sessions.  If you failed to do this it can be done at anytime and will apply the next time a Test is run and any that follow after that.

2)      For iNDIGO users, please double check to make sure you have Gage’s Matrix activated in the software.  Go to “Order of Remedies” on the top menu bar of the Main Matrix Screen.  Look at the bottom of the list.  If you see “Nelson matrix activation” it is already done, if you see “GT matrix activation” instead then it has not yet been done.  Simply double click on this and click ‘ok’ to the message and it will be set.

This update is the largest one yet for the INDIGO users (in terms of download size).   If we were to put the full update in the Update Tool  it would contain over 200 files, which includes media revisions for some of the audio and video files.  Video files are very large and take a considerable amount of time to download.  In order to give you the Sound’s of Indigo throughout the session (which has been hugely requested by you), it requires that we mute the videos that contain sounds and music so there is no clashing.  Since this would be a download requiring many hours we have decided, in order to make it easier for you, we will divide it into parts.  The first part will include all the important software functionality changes as these are the most crucial for you.  We will start adding the rest of the revised Videos to the Update Tool over the next several weeks.   As far as the Sound’s of Indigo music, you will now hear it playing throughout the session.  It is designed to turn off while you have Demographics open and resuming when you start the Calibration.  Since we will not have included all the muted videos until later updates you may notice on some occasions where other music or sounds will play over the indigo music (depending on the programs you are running, ie. BV).  This will be rectified over the next few releases as the remaining files are added to the Update Tool.

STEP SIX (Optional)

Ordering a Disk

For those that procrastinate and do not do the updates regularly, just remember that as files get added to the Update Tool the download becomes larger.  So there is the potential of ending up with sizable time consuming download with more risk of failure.  So, as always, do regular updates and plan plenty of time when you have no clients scheduled to make sure that all goes well.  If you already know that you have a poor or inconsistent internet connection (usually experienced failed downloads or corrupt files etc.) you should considering ordering an Enhanced Installation DVD, which can be ordered from…

The Quantum Center of Excellence website; http://www.thequantumcenter.com/shop/product_view.asp?id=1880233&StoreID=4B5060C4B89D4877BC1C4A16B218EF9D&private_product=1

If you are unsure of any of the steps or have any questions at all please call;

Support Central  

800 388 2033 ext1

Mon-Fri 7-7 MST

Sat- Sun 9-5 MST (some Holidays)

Please leave your name and number clearly, the main reason for your call and your availability to receive a return call as it may take anywhere from several minutes to several hours, or even the next day (if your call came in at the end of a shift).  It all depends on the call load and the time of day you left your message.





The most common reasons for the lost client files are;

A) The proper link was not applied.

You must do the correct link for your computer and device.  These are used to make modifications to the actual Update Tool itself and will affect how it runs.

¨     B) It did not get downloaded properly.  (common reason for the lost client files)

Some computers or browsers will make you save the link first.  This would require that you to go to the saved location to retrieve it.

For example Mozilla Firefox will only give you the Save option which will save it to your download list first.  So you will need to go to the download window and double click on it to bring up the file download security warning window, which may require that you allow it.

Then you can select RUN.  Welcome to the  Indigo Update 6-XX-2010 set up wizard appears.  Click through the Next, Install and Finish prompts.

If you are using Internet Explorer you will see an option to Run or Save the application.

Click RUN it starts and then will give you a security warning and you will need to click RUN again

Welcome to the Indigo Update 6-XX-2010 set up wizard appears.  Click through the Next, Install and Finish prompts.

Note:  The date on this setup wizard is displaying the latest revision date of the Update Tool itself.  This does not relate to the version of the Indigo software.  This updating is necessary to ensure the proper back up and restore of your client files.

¨     C) The download was not successful  (common reason for the lost client files)

Also occasionally due to inconsistencies in internet connections some files may not install and you will get a message in the lower part of the Update Tool panel showing any failed downloads, just allow the download to finish.  The beauty of this Update Tool is that it will recognize which files you successfully downloaded and which ones are still needed.  So if you attempt again you will not be starting all over.  Just close the window and reopen the Update Tool again and restart the download.  It will resume and attempt to install the previously failed ones.


Once you have updated the Update Tool double click the Update Tool Icon on the desktop

If you get any error messages the download and install was probably not successful from  STEP ONE   Do that process again.

TIP:  For consistent download problems save the file ( in STEP ONE) to your desktop first and then run it from there.

The beauty of this Update Tool is that it will recognize which files were installed and which ones are still needed.  So if you attempt to do it again you will not be starting all over.  Just close the window and click the Update Tool again and start the download once more.

The length of time is takes depends on your internet bandwidth and speed.  It also depends on the last time you updated.  If you did not update to the 5 5 10 expect it to take some time.   For those that procrastinate and do not do the updates regularly and as more things get added to the Update Tool the download becomes bigger.  So there is the potential of ending up with a very large download.  Again a good high speed wired internet connection is a must for best results.

Security warnings and Firewalls;

If you get security warnings attempting to use the Update Tool you may have to click “allow” in order to continue.  Some of these warnings only give you so many seconds to respond.  If you don’t catch it you may have to close and retry again.

Also if you manage to get partway through the downloading and you get prompted with a warning message you may need to check your firewall settings as the firewall may be preventing the download.

(Optional This will only come up if you have  not done it through a previous update)

More Downloads – Anti-Smoking

  1. c.       On your desktop you will have a shortcut for “Indigo Documents”, open this folder by double left clicking on this shortcut.
  2. d.      Double left click on the “Download the Anti-Smoking Program” shortcut