How Do I Backup My Client Files? (Old Borland Versions)

Susan Updated; April 10, 2016

These instructions only relate to OLDER Borland database versions of the software prior to 2009. 

The newer software written on the SQLite database (2010 to current); has a different file structure and the process is much different. 

It is highly advisable to save your backed up client files to an external media source like a flashdrive. It is always a good idea to keep a file backed up separately off the computer.

NOTE: Alternatively if you have a 2010 software you might have a QC Backup Tool on your desktop. You can refer to the post QC Backup Tool (Backing up Client files)


Below are two different Client Back-Up Options for the older Borland Software, if you don’t see the files mentioned in the instructions you are likely on the newer SQLite Software 2010 to current. Here is where you can find the current instructions for Saving Your Client Files

OLD BACK UP INFO BELOW THIS LINE  (For OLDER versions of software prior to 2009)

You will only be able to perform these steps with a very old software disk and following step 3 as described. Note that older software versions can no longer be installed and activated.


NOTE:  Make Sure you back up your client files before uninstalling an older version of Clasp32.  You cannot restore the entire datafolder from an older Clasp32 version to the current versions.  See special instructions below ‘BACK UP OF CLIENT AND EXAMIN FILES ONLY’.


(Used for Version’s 2006/2007 and earlier, or used as a safety net from which the client and examin files can be later extracted)

NOTE: Cannot be used (as such in its entire folder alone) to restore clients to New 2009 Clasp32 Verison’s)

DATA folder must be renamed


 (Used to extract just the client and examin files from the DATA folder in order to restore or transfer them to the new 2009 software versions)

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