Biofeedback Programs Freezing or are Difficult to Stop

Updated; March 30, 2016

Sometimes it seems as though the Biofeedback Systemic Relaxation Training Program gets frozen.

Due to continuous reports of the Biofeedback Systemic Relaxation program being notorious for freezing, we commissioned a change for this programming in the Indigo software. This new method of stopping some of the programs has been in effect since the release of the 5 5 11 version of the Indigo software. SCIO users have also since benefited from this change which was released in the 5 5 12 version. The same feature has now been applied to the Eductor software as well.

If you find you have had issues with this program and have been avoiding it you should no longer have to now that this new feature has been added to help “Stop” some of these programs. This was added to the options that have the “INDIGO is Working” panel coming and going intermittently as the training and rectification progresses.  Look inside (middle right) of the “INDIGO Is Working” panel and there is a new button labeled “Stop Training”. This is the button to click to end the program instead of the other method of stopping the program–the “Click Here to Stop”.  The other programs that do not have the “INDIGO is Working” panel will still require the use of the “Click Here to Stop” button.

It may require more than one attempt to “capture” the button. After clicking wait several seconds. If it does not respond, wait for the “INDIGO is Working” panel to pulse back into view and attempt again. Multiple tries and hasty clicking, in attempts at stopping the Biofeedback programs may result in overall freezing, or possible access violation error messages, which may require using the Ctrl Alt Del keys to get out of the software altogether.

The “Stop Training” button was only designed for the Biofeedback Systemic Relaxation program. Please don’t confuse the “Stop Training” button with the more general “Stop Training Loop” button (“Stop Therapy Loop” in SCIO/Eductor software) seen in other parts of the software. So far this new button is only present and visible during use of the Biofeedback Systemic Relaxation programs and works like a charm. Using the “Stop Training Loop” button in other programs will usually not garner the same results and often just causes’ further freezing, if it is used in an attempt to abort other programs.

If you still find this program tricky to work with you can follow some of these tips and suggestions I have given for years before we had the Stop Training button. Some of these steps have been very helpful in preventing potential freeze-ups in the Biofeedback Systemic Relaxation Training Program:

  1. As a first program choice chose the “Reduce Stress in Nerves” (drop down menu) under the Biofeedback (Top Menu Bar) before activating other training choices. I have found that this particular process seems to tune to the client quickly and you will see rectified numbers flickering and changing almost immediately (in the top menu bar) after activation. Once it is tuned into the client there seems to be much less chance of freezing in the other options you might select.
  2. Watch for rectification values appearing in the upper right Menu Bar, to the right of “Test Reactivity”.  Rectification values should begin appearing within 10 seconds or less, even if they appear as very faint, faded, flickering numbers.  If they do not appear, it probably means that the program is somehow not “tuning” with the client readily or that you have selected a program choice that does not have a rectification. If you do not get the numbers appearing within 10 seconds use the “Click Here to Stop” button in the top menu bar, to stop them quickly. Then you can try again to see if they will “tune into the client”. Also note that not all of these programs have rectifications. Some of these are auditory guided imagery programs to be listened to. They can be stopped anytime you want to.
  3. In many of the Biofeedback Systemic Relaxation training programs there will be another smaller video graphic box appearing in the upper left-hand potion of the screen. If using the “Click Here to Stop” is not producing a response. Try closing this smaller box by clicking on the red X in the upper right hand corner. Once the smaller box disappears, the “Click Here to Stop” is operational again. By the way this is usually the case with the guided imagery options. They all have an additional graphic that accompanies them. For example Deep Muscle Relaxation under the Relaxation menu. Try this one and you will see that these do not have a rectification, because it uses a classic form of biofeedback-guided imagery.
  4. For long time users we used to teach the method of using very fast repetitive click on the “Click Here to Stop” button 20-30 times if there were problems stopping the programs. This should now be redundant, as it was the way to deal with the ones that there is now a Stop Training button for inside the “INDIGO is Working” panel.
  5. If the above options fail, as a last resort you can try to click on the “Stop Training Loop” button inside the “INDIGO Is Working” panel.  The words Please Wait appear.  Wait for 60 seconds.  If nothing happens, try clicking the Close button on the “INDIGO Is Working” panel. If the “INDIGO Is Working” panel does not disappear and the “Click Here to Stop” is still not responsive, it is most likely frozen and you will likely have to resort to using the Ctrl Alt Delete keys and select the Task Manager to “End” the Consciousness (INDIGO) program.
  6. If you have to close out of the software altogether with the method just described–please make sure you remember to turn off the Indigo after exiting the software and then turn it back on (resetting it) before going back into the software again. It is recommended to ignore the message about reloading the previous client and doing it manually again, to ensure a proper lock on that client. Unfortunately this means reloading the client in Demographics and performing the Calibration again. In the case of a lock up and returning to the session you would not rerun the TEST function. Since you won’t want to lose the former TEST results just close the two panels obscuring the Main Matrix results. Do not click “Load Old Info” or “Load New Info Report” as these may disturb and adjust the Matrix from the original TEST results that were there before you exited the program.

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