How Can I deal With Frequent Lock Ups In The "Biofeedback" Training Program?

Sometimes it seems as though the Biofeedback Training Program gets frozen.

The following processes may help prevent potential freeze-ups in the Biofeedback Training Program:

Activate the “Reduce Stress in Nerves” (drop down menu) under the Biofeedback (Top Menu Bar) before activating other training choices.   This particular process seems to tune to the client quickly and you will see rectified numbers flickering and changing almost immediately after activating (in the top menu bar).  This seems to lessen the chances of freezing in the rest of the Biofeedback Training Programs.

Watch for rectification values appearing in the upper right Menu Bar (to the right of “Test Reactivity”).  Rectification values should be appearing within 10 seconds, even if they appear as very faint flickering numbers.  If they do not appear, it probably means that the program is somehow not “tuning” with the client and will tend to freeze-up if you do not stop it immediately.  To do so, click theClick Here to Stop” button(in the top menu bar).

In some of the Biofeedback training programs there will be another smaller graphic box in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and if the “Click Here to Stop” is not responding.  Try closing this smaller box by clicking on the red X in the upper right hand corner.  Once the smaller box disappears, theClick Here to Stop” is operational again.

Certain Biofeedback Training programs automatically activate the SCIO and therefore the “SCIO Is Working” panel appears, pulsing on and off.  TheClick Here to Stop” seems grayed out and does not respond to your clicking.  There are two tricks you can use to solve this problem:
1) Click on theClick Here to Stop”  in the menu bar very quickly 20-30 times.  (An easy way to do this is to hold the mouse with one hand and click with the index finger of the other.)  One of these clicks will produce just the right timing to correspond with the exact pulsing of the “SCIO Is Working” panel. At that moment, theClick Here to Stop” appears darker and becomes functional.

2) Since the new 5 5 11 software version there has been an addition to the Biofeedback Program to make lock ups less likely.  The program that also have the SCIO is Working panel that pulses with the Biofeedback program that has been initialized contains a new button function.  Inside the SCIO Is Working panel you will see a “Stop Training” button.  Always use this option over the other method of stopping the program when you have this choice.

3) If the above options fail, you can try to Click on the StopTherapyLoop button inside the “SCIO Is Working” panel.  The words Please Wait appear.  Wait for 60 seconds.  If nothing happens, try clicking the Closebutton on the SCIO is Working panel. If the SCIO is Working panel does not disappear and theClick Here to Stop”  is still not responsive, you are frozen and will have to resort to using the Ctrl Alt Delete !


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