How Can I Get The Red and Purple Hold Trays To Be Fully Accessible at the Bottom of the Main Test Screen?
Susan Updated April 13, 2016

If the display screen does not support the desired resolution for the SCIO/EPFX software there are possibly a few things that can be done to help.

The first thing that can be done on any computer it to set the TaskBar to Auto Hide;

  1. Right Click on the TaskBar
  2. Select Properties
  3. Check “Auto Hide” and click Apply or Ok

Now the TaskBar will only appear when you move your mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen. This will gain a little more visibility of what is being hidden from view under the TaskBar

On some computers the resolution can also be increased by setting the screen for a scrolling sliding mode, which will allow you to move the cursor up or down to see the full view. This is especially helpful if the bottom part of your screen gets cut off. The following instructions will facilitate the use of a sliding/scrolling screen for XP Computers.

How To Access Greater Resolutions Using a Sliding (Scrolling) Screen (XP Computers/ Some early Win 7);

  1. Control Panel
  2. Display or Appearance and Themes then Display
  3. Settings
  4. Advanced
  5. Monitor
  6. Look for “Hide modes this monitor cannot display”
  7. Uncheck the box
  8. Apply
  9. Ok

Note;  The Resolution settings options may increase after doing this, so you may also have to slide the arrow and adjust the Screen Resolution slightly higher to make it change.

After changing the Screen Resolution

Click Apply

Apply will bring up a dialogue box letting you know that you have 15 seconds to decide if you like the new settings.

Click Yes

The new application should take place and you will know immediately if you are able to slide your screen by moving your cursor to the bottom of the computer screen. If the “hide modes this monitor cannot display” is already unchecked you may have to see if you can get it to cooperate. You can try to check it and apply it and then undo it which may also require the adjustment of the screen resolution settings. You may need to return to the screen resolutions and adjust it to get it right for you.

If the “hide modes this monitor cannot display” is grayed out there is nothing you can do. I t means this function is not available on your computer.

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