Where Can I get Support for The Quantum Encyclopedia?
Susan Updated; January 21, 2016

Warning if you have backdated your computer due to the 12 12 12 lock out, you might find that you lose access to the Quantum Encyclopedia.  So once you have updated to the 12 12 12 and are running the computer at the current date, you may need assistance to reactivate it.

Please send any inquiries regarding the Quantum Encyclopedia to;

The Quantum Academies
Mailing Address: 412 North Palm Drive
Suite 501
Beverly Hills, California 90210
Telephone: 800-940-9342
Fax: 310-861-0345
Email: info@thequantumacademies.com



Susan Harms  support@quantumworldvision.com

Mon-Fri 8-4 MST

800-388-2033 ext 1

To Get Remote Help:

Download;  TeamViewer