What Can I Do If The SCIO Device Is Not Being Detected At The 25% Clasp32 Load Mark?
Susan Updated April 4, 2016

You should see the Green “ON” light on the face of the device, as it gets its power through the USB cable, but this does not necessarily mean it is properly communicating with the software. You must see the device recognition panel appear at the 25 % load mark. This is the one that displays an image of a SCIO/EPFX device and the serial # of your device, which you will need to Close, before the software continues to open. This sequence confirms that all is well and ensures that the device is properly communicating with your software. You must make sure the device is connected and turned on before you double click on the Clasp32/Eductor 64 icon on your desktop. If it is not turned on before the software loads to 25% it may not get detected and the session will run in Virtual Mode.

Note: the Eductor 64 is the newer name for the SCIO/EPFX software since the new versions of the software from 2012 to current

Note: Continuing to run in Virtual Mode without device recognition, will eventually cause it to revert to Demo Mode!

If this device recognition panel does not appear there can be several reasons. Possible troubleshooting would be to check that the SCIO/EPFX device is;

  1. Properly connected to your computer
  2. That it is turned on, showing the green light
  3. That it is connected to the right USB port, previously configured for the device
  4. That the Device Manager settings are properly configured and set to Com 1.

If these things have already been done and your device just suddenly stops being detected there may be some other trouble shooting to do.

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