What Can I Do About White Screens?

Sometimes a WHITE SCREEN appears while working in a Clasp32 Program and you no longer see the graphics.  The Disease Dictionary is notorious for this.  If this happens, do not click anything!

The White Screen can often be avoided if you are careful not to click a second time too hurriedly on a process that is already running or one that is not immediately responding.

Sometimes this happens by mistake simply because you have your hands on the computer.  It is easy to accidentally brush your fingers on the Touch Pad or unintentionally press one of the keys on the keyboard.

When a White Screen appears, the computer is attempting to process the information and is overloaded.  Just being patient and waiting a few minutes will help.

You can consider the White Screen a FREEZE-UP if you have waited at least a few minutes or longer than the actual number of minutes the timer was set for.  Sometimes this white screen remains until the training time has elapsed.  In case of the DD Often you will still be able to return to the Clasp program even though the DD screen remains white.  If it occurred while working in a Clasp32 training program you will just need to wait for the time of the program to elapse for the white screen to go away.

If the White Screen has continued beyond the completion time for last training program initiated, refer to the section  “What to do for a program FREEZE-UP”.