What Should I do When “Clasp was shut down improperly” message appears?

Originally this info was posted in July, 2008 and intended for older software.  If you are using the encrypted 12 12 12 or newer I would like to hear your feedback on relying on the ‘Restoring Previous Client ‘ option. As I have not found it to be successful in fully restoring the correct info to the client’s VARHOPE and Test Matrix Results. Due to this, I do not suggest that you follow these steps anymore. Please let me know if you have found otherwise, as I am basing my observations on the 12 12 12 version and do not have direct experience with the latest encrypted versions like the 5 5 14 – 8 8 14

So, that being said, if you have an unexpected crash, it will take a few minutes- but it is best to Click NO and  just reload the Client in Demographics and do the Calibration over again.  Of course the VARHOPE will have shifted because it is bound to do so. Then when you get to the TEST Screen, Click the ‘Close’ button on the ‘Disclaimer Panel’ and use the Close button on the next panel that overlays and obscures the Matrix Results. Do not use the ‘Restore Old/ Previous/ Report’ or the ‘Load New Report Buttons’ on that panel because it will shift the Matrix Results. Just use the Close buttons on those panels that hide the Matrix and you will see the results before you crashed.


The message “Clasp was shut down improperly.  Do you want to restore the last client, Yes or No” will appear if you had to close Clasp for the following reasons:

1.      Using the Ctrl Alt Delete method or

2.      Using the Hard Boot method or

3.      Because of the Conmain or other system error

After booting up again, the above message will appear. If you want to return to the same client, click Yes to the Question.

  • Put in your Password as usual. (See FAQ: “Insert Name and Country” appeared. What do I do?)
  • On the Main Menu, click on “Test”. (Usually this button is grayed out. However, because you clicked on “Yes”, it restores the client’s Demographics and Calibration, provided you have restarted Clasp within a few minutes. You will now see the same Testee’s name on the Test screen.)
  • Do not Run the TEST again! This is the point of restoring the client so that you do not disrupt the original TEST.  The last client’s Test Matrix results will have been restored and will be displayed in the same order as the original test.
  • However, you will notice that the color coding has changed and will be reset to a default setting. The number of reds, purples, and yellows will no longer be accurate. Therefore, instead of paying attention to the colors in the Value column, simply focus on the numerical values and placement of the items.

If you want to start with another client, always click ‘No’ to this message.

  • Put in your Password as usual.
  • Proceed as you normally would with Demographics and Calibration.