Congress Simply INDIGO Presentation & FFC

Congress Presentation Simply INDIGO 

I did a short presentation at the beginning of congress to show a power point which showcased the new Simply INDIGO program and revealed some good news about the software changes.  It also gave me an opportunity to discuss the things we were working on accomplishing while at congress.

The Beta Testing has shown good results with only minor new issues as a result of the newest programming.  The reported feedback about these anomalies has been corrected.  Interestingly, most of the Beta Tester reports have mainly revealed older long standing software issues that will be addressed in time.  Most are not serious flaws that affect functionality and can be navigated.  Overall, it looks as though the next release will have the best, most stable software in history!

Friday Focus Call (FFC)

If you want to know more about the advancements and changes to the software please review the Friday Focus call from May 6, 2011 you can see a review of my congress presentation, plus an onscreen demonstration of how the Harness Resistance Variability Indicator graphlooks when applied.  This was not ready to showcase at congress time.  This will be available on the Password Screen of the new Simply INDIGO version of the software.  Archived events are found on the website   and click events and scroll through the list to find the date of the FFC.

Following my presentation, Tanya Nodich shared the video she created with her husband Chris.  It showed the oscilloscope displaying electrical output waveforms via the INDIGO harness from various INDIGO software programs and functions.  This was a big hit and can be accessed through her website find the caption that reads, “Looking into the Eye of INDIGO”.  Fernando and Ron also participated in this FFC and replayed a Q&A done with James Clark, our INDIGO engineer.  They also offered additional, explanations, information and tips.  We wanted to bring a little bit of congress to share with the rest of you, who couldn’t be there with us.

Attached below is the PDF from the power point presentation that was done at congress to present the Simply INDIGO and the software changes.

Another great link for you to go to is from the event called Quantum Revitalization Day.  There were workshops done around Canada when QWV received the HC License and INDIGO’s could finally be delievered to customers who had waitied so long.  Click Here to find videos on the Simply Indigo program, Anti Smoking Program, Eternale for Indigo and more.