"Database is Locked" Error Messages & Search Function Values Not Matching

Susan Updated; Jan 20, 2016 


IMPORTANT UPDATE TO THIS POST: The latest software release for the Indigo software is the 8 8 14 and for updating to this version there will be an activation fee of 300 Euro. With this error message the best would be to rerun the latest service pack that you have for the version you are currently using. If you are running the 12 12 12 or the 9 9 13 you can contact me for assistance.
For newer software versions and service packs you can access the 7 7 14 and the 8 8 14 by logging into your account on the Welcome to Indigo website http://www.welcometoindigo.com
Go to Downloads/Updates / If your version is not there I might be able to help. Note that updating to a newer version will require that you Activate again and pay the fee.
Activation fees will apply if you run the 8 8 14 service pack
Your Username is your email address. If you can’t remember your Password you will need to reset it.
Here is where to go to reset the Password;
It will generate an auto reply email to finalize it.

Originally when the ‘Database is locked’ error messages were appearing, this was happening with the early updates from the 11 11 11 version which was non-encrypted, to the encrypted versions starting with the 12 12 12. There was a little trouble with the first releases of the 12 12 12 being able to properly ‘call’ to another part of the software for information. This was initially due to the encryption of all the different data tables within the software since the 12 12 12 release.
With every major update it is a very good idea to run a test session and open as many different parts of the software as possible to help it to re-index.

Test the Software:
1. On the Indigo be sure to set the Gage Matrix again for the Main Matrix. It is found under Order of Remedies on the Main Matrix. Only do it if you see GT Matrix Activation. You will need to close and reopen the software for it to be fully functioning and giving accurate results. For more info see the post about the Gage Matrix
2. Do a trial session and run a TEST go to Risks Profile, Hyper reactions (Allersodes) panel, the Homeopathic feedback, Dental, Aging, Homotoxicology, the BV, the DD to re-index all those databases.
3. It is good to open as may parts of the software as possible on the first test session to get all the databases syncing again.


THE BIG Program: “When I click the BIG Icon it says, “You cannot open because the Indigo is not activated even though the Indigo is activated?”
Answer: The BIG program is automatically loaded during software updating and the BIG icon will be on the desktop. It is a separate program to be purchased for 300 Euro. This is a program that shows Classic Biofeedback applications but does not run Biofeedback Therapies as the Indigo software does.
The other reason Indigo users need to switch to the Gage Matrix is to prevent an improper indexing to occur with the Main Matrix Test results vs when doing an individual item word search. When you do a word search on the Matrix after doing an update, but have not set to the Gage Matrix, you may see very high values in the search results that don’t match what was revealed on the Main Matrix. The values appearing in a search can show pages of Reds with values double that of the value of the same item from the original test results.


Another thing that might be ‘off’ if you don’t set to the Gage Matrix is the Hyper-reactancts Allersodes Panel. Those won’t match the same Allersode items that are the highest reaction values on the Matrix. Instead the ones in the Hyper-reactants might appear to be the same ones showing for every client.I have called this the Twin Matrix issue and you can find more details in that post

Electrophysiological Oscillation Freq/ Autonomic Nervous System: When program completes it sometimes jumps out of the panel and you have to go back in to see the rectification value
Main Matrix the Situation Hold tray: Gives an error message when trying to double click to activate it. In the Eductor one can’t click in it to type, or it closes. So you have to paste into it.
Biofeedback: Reports of the ‘Start Biofeedback’ program not working, or taking many minutes. Give it at least 5 minutes.

Bodyviewer: Homeopathic Extras not loading new info. Some reports of difficulties opening and loading the BV.
Info Report: Error messages loading the Info Report Items
Repeating Matrix Items: Some are reporting seeing the same items repeating for different clients at the high end of the matrix. This is not confirmed so please let me know if you are seeing this phenomenal

Be careful if you have to use Ctrl Alt Del to get out of a freeze up. If you do this always turn off the Indigo device, before re-entering the software. Always turn it back on and allow it to initialize “Chime” before entering the software (Please see post on reverting to Demo Mode).

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