Device Software Technical Support or Feedback


Please contact Support Central, by phone or email.

Susan Harms

Mon-Fri 8-4 MST

800-388-2033 ext 1

When you receive your device you may have several questions about getting started. The Support Team is available to help you with any inquiries you may have and any technical computer or software issues. You can receive assistance with the software installation on a computer, the activation process, and basic navigation of the software.

At times there can be a high volume of emails, but in most cases you will get a timely response and so this can be one of the best ways to contact me for assistance. Often there is a simple resolution to an issue that can easily be resolved with written instructions via email.

It is important to note that some technical issues are not as easy to resolve in an email response and a thorough discussion is required to gather all the critical information about the situation. Many resolutions will also require that a Support Central team member remote into your computer.

To Get Remote Help:

Download;  TeamViewer