DISEASE DICTIONARY; How to Avoid Freezing
Susan Updated;  February 3, 20016

Sometimes the Disease Dictionary (DD) screen will turn white and you will see at the top that it is “Not Responding”. If this happens, clicking will make it worse. The White Screen can often be avoided if you are careful not to click a second time too hurriedly on a process that is already running or one that is not immediately responding.

The following tips and suggestions is the protocol of use that I have learned over time to be the best way to utilize the DD with the least amount of problems. I highly recommend using a mouse instead of the computer’s mouse or touch pad  …as a simple brush of a finger can often be taken as another CLICK command.  Certain programs are more sensitive to this than others and you may inadvertently cause freezes to occur in the software.

  1. I advise activating the additional adjunct programs so they drop to your task bar in this order. Open the BodyViewer first, Irid next and then lastly the DD training program.
  2. Most often the preferred training choice is in the DD is the ElectroAcupuncture and Bioresonance and utilizing it requires a specific method..
  3. Firstly you would customize the training option to the client by doing the “Quick Calibrate Client (Patient) Reactivity” and then the “Quick Test Client (Patient) Bioresonance”. Then use the “AutoTrain” (treat) (as this loads all the unconscious settings) or “Train” (Treat) in the DD.
  4. Now wait until you see word “Loaded” appearing for the Acupoints, Colour and Electromagnetic on the left
  5. Make sure you note the time in minutes and don’t attempt go back into the DD until the set number of minutes have expired.
  6. Wait until you see 4 bars showing that it has started in the progression field.

Note: If you have done one training choice and have progressed to another option the same rules apply. The progression field will be full at the start, because the previous choice had completed (showing full progression). So now on the new choice when you click the “Auto Train” (Treat) you need to wait it until you see it reset and it will start again with the 4 bars appearing.

  1. Finally at this point it is “safe” to minimize. My favorite way to do this is just by clicking the main screen of the program behind the two DD windows and you will be able to continue with other training programs while the DD runs.


If you forgot and moved on too quickly, and have prematurely tried to minimize, just wait a few moments for the DD to process that request, and you might be able to avoid a white screen. Wait until you see the 4 bars as previously instructed.

You can consider the white screen, “not responding message” a total lock up, if you have waited several minutes or longer until the number of minutes on the DD timer.  Sometimes once the white screen happens it remains until the training time has elapsed. During this time you can return to the main program even though the DD screen remains white.

As mentioned it is not necessary to use the Minimize buttons at the top right of the panel windows.  This goes for all panels including Iridology, Body Viewer, Consciousness and Disease Dictionary training programs.  Instead, try clicking the main program panel underneath the DD screens or by using the Alt Tab keys on your keyboard or by clicking the main software icon (Indigo64 / Eductor64) on the task bar. These are quicker ways to navigate between the adjunct programs panels.

I also have noticed that using the Long Term Therapy option can cause freezing as well.  If you want to use the Long Term Therapy option I suggest setting up the DD according to the following instructions and then leaving it alone until the end of the session. Avoid using this option if you want to be free to change to do another Unconscious choice or set up another training choice later in your session.

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