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Coaching Course

The Online Coaching Course is designed to guide the biofeedback practitioner through client communications and practices. This course meets the coaching training requirement for becoming a Certified Biofeedback Specialist and is recommended to be reviewed while taking the Beginners course and Advanced course.

Beginners Course

This course is designed to immerse novice quantum biofeedback device users with hands-on practical training for utilizing their biofeedback device and its Clasp32/Eductor64 software. This course is very easy to follow, as we have laid out the groundwork for you in the simplest format possible. This course consists of a 162 page operations manual, 26 video training modules, 549 page course training manual and five homework supplements.

Biofeedback Course

This is a ten-hour online lecture of the science and history of biofeedback and it consists of 18 video modules and a 614 page course manual. This course is theoretical and does not require a biofeedback device. All of our courses meet the requirement for obtaining a CBT (Certified Biofeedback Technician) or a CBS (Certified Biofeedback Specialist) through the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences.

Anatomy & Physiology Course

You must take this course or the equivalent (as documented by transcript or license) as a prerequisite to the Advanced Course, as well as being required for Certified Biofeedback Specialist status. This is a home study course and it includes a 520 page textbook. Completion of the course requires that you take and pass the Anatomy & Physiology online exam.

Advanced Course

This course covers advanced biofeedback topics for a deeper understanding of the Clasp32/Eductor64 software program. This class should be taken contemporaneously with the Competency Hours and Coaching Course. This course consists of 15 video training modules, a 498 page course training manual and five homework supplements.

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