Eternale / E4I Instructions For the New Updated Version

Not all INDIGO owners have the E4I but those who do, will be very pleased about some newly added features and the overall improvements to the software.  The E4I update will automatically be applied when you run the new update for the 11 11 11.  The Eternale update is also available separately here;

On the website link above you can also find the link to download the E4I Trial Version for any Indigo owners who wish to try it out.  You can also click this direct link;

One of the greatest new features of this release in one that allows you to choose one of the Mini or Maxi SPA programs and add any of the Externalization options, which will allow them to run in continuous succession after the SPA program, without stopping!

This is now all available for easy setup on the main page.  The main page has always displayed the 4 main SPA program options plus Eternalizations.  Now the new page layout also includes the entire list of 10 individual Eternalizations as options on a submenu.  So now you can choose one of the 4 main Spa programs and then add any number of individual Eternalizations.  You can also set up just the Individual Eternalizations (on their own) similar to selecting your own “play list” and have them run in succession after Calibration (must be set up prior to clicking Claibration).  You no longer have to start each one independently and wait for the previous one to complete before selecting another one.  After the set up options have been chosen click the Calibration and there is nothing you have to do until they have all completed.   If you made a mistake or decide that you want to change the choices on the Eternalizations choices, you can do so, but only while the Calibration is still running.

In this E4I update, a significant amount of time was devoted to fine tuning and improving the communications between the software commands and device firmware.  This program with the new developments and programming changes is absolutely sensational!