Firmware Update for the INDIGO Device June 2011

Firmware Update June 2011

Improved Rate of Information Exchange:
The INDIGO was already advanced at its inception, as far as communication and information exchange, due to having the latest technology inside the hardware itself.
Now with this firmware update, along with the changes to the software code, will increase the rate of transfer two times more than it currently is. Not only does this enhance the sending and receiving of signals but also increases the overall amount of information being shared and evaluated. The positive effects from this could include better quality sessions, improvement in the speed of rectification, enhanced ability /opportunity for client progression and of course, potentially faster sessions!

You will find that things run faster and smoother.  The client seems to rectify faster.  There is a higher rate of information exchange between the client and system.  Enjoy this fantastic new update!
The following is a list of some of the program timers that were reduced to take advantage of increased speed;

  • Special AFE Programs: Much faster rectifications in all special INDIGO AFE programs
  •  Timed Therapy Music Superlearing: Timed Therapies, can start at 1 min
  •  Electro-Physiological Oscillation Freq: Stabilize Heartbeat / Blood Pressure Stabilize / Parasympathetic / Sympathetic / Vagus Nerve Stabilization
  •  The Calibration and the EDR “TEST”/Training will remain the same. Most of the Universal Biofeedback Auto Therapy programs along with many other program timers will remain unchanged. What is gained Instead is a greater sampling of the Biofeedback interactions.
  •  Main Matrix: Individual Reaction
  •  Homotoxicology: Bio Terrain / Train Top 5 / Stimulate Detox / Allopathic Drug Detox
  •  Auto Focus Zap Bio-resonance Zap Trainings: Many reductions in these timers and a fix as some anomalies were discovered and corrected. Overall Pathogens still at 12 minutes and the individual Pathogens (bacteria, fungus, worms, and virus) still at 5 minutes. Auto Focus Zap from Filter will remain at 5 minutes.
  •  Auto Meridian: Start Meridian Therapy
  •  Aging: Anti Aging Rx
  • Dark Field: General Rectification / Plio Morph Panel
  •  NLP: List items in the Therapies Pull down menu / and the main panel buttons
  •  Nutrition and Homeopathy: Enzyme Stim & Stab /Hormone Stim & Stab and other AFE programs (but this one was notoriously timed very long)