GAGE MATRIX; Benefits of Use & How to Set
Susan Updated; January 27, 2016
Gage Matrix Benefits

NOTE:  The Twin Matrix Anomaly occurs when your Indigo Software has not been set to the Gage Matrix. This is important to do after updating the Indigo software.

Feel free to load and print or save the attached PDF Instructions and information on using the Gage Matrix.

Here is how to make sure that your INDIGO Matrix is set to use the Gage Matrix

  1. Enter the software and proceed to the Main Matrix
  2. Click Order of Remedies (top center area)
  3. At the bottom of this menu you will see Nelson Matrix Activate or Gage Matrix Activate
  4. Whichever one is displayed there, will be the opposite of what you are currently running.  In other words if you see Gage Matrix Activate it means you are currently on the Nelson Matrix.  When you click Gage Matrix Activate, you will be asked if you want to change and be told you need to restart the Indigo software program.  PLEASE DO NOT change it and then immediately run a session, as the results will not be accurate.  After making the change Please Restart the Indigo software and start a NEW session!
  5. To test that all is functioning well, click HERE

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