INDIGO 11 11 2011 What's New?
Susan Updated; December 31, 2011
Software Update Release 11-11-2011

(This post is outdated, but this outlines the changes that took place in the software at this time and are of course in the latest software version)

We are very excited to announce the official release of the New 11 11 2011 version of the INDIGO software!  Here is a sampling of what is in store with this latest INDIGO 11 11 2011 version. Also included is information on the updates for the Eternale and E4I programs

INDIGO Software

As we were making adjustments to improve the communication with the Anti Smoking program, getting the device to recognize to open to the full program every time, and making programming changes for the E4I, we uncovered some useful information that proved very helpful to the programmers to enable further enhancement of the INDIGO software.  These tweaks will improve the overall auto focusing and quality of communication between the device, its new firmware with this latest software 11 11 2011.  There is a very good possibility that this will greatly reduce the incidences of reverting to Demo Mode as well.  Also the few reports we have had about screen image issues.

As far as the software development we went all out using an oscilloscope; testing and retesting many different processes and programs.  This has resulted in enhancing the auto focusing for improved strength and quality of the signal to the client.  You may notice that on the INDIGO is Working panel the amplitude of output is registering at a higher level during the Calibration and Test Training because this is where there is an increased need for accuracy in Biofeedback interactions.  It is from these readings that the rest of the session and unconscious choices are determined.   Even though you may get the message that the “system is set at a high level, you can re-calibrate” it really does not mean that the client can’t take the strength, but is a reminder to the practitioner to remember check in with their client.  How are they feeling?  Is there any discomfort, like a pressure or sensations that they find unpleasant or uncomfortable?  When I teach I tell the students that it is auto-focusing so unless the client complains about it, they don’t always have to do anything about the message and lower the voltage unless they are getting this kind of feedback.  Also some clients can feel tingling sensations from the harness.  Particularly the black left ankle strap.  This can happen more in certain program panels.  Please be sure to refer to the ‘Instructions for Use’ to make sure that the way the harness is being used is according to the recommendations.  you are using it in the way it has been indicated.  Proper care of harness and following cleaning instructions is important to avoid build up on the electrodes.  Residues can greatly affect conductivity.  It is also very important that your client is well hydrated before their session, both internally and externally.  Some clients are more likely to feel sensations during their sessions than others, if it is too unpleasant for them, this could be part of the reason. One way to ensure the best conductivity is to make sure the client is well hydrated and the skin is moist.  The left black ankle (ground) strap is especially important.  Dry skin does not conduct well and can cause complications.

The manual gives full details about appropriate solutions to use.  You can always find the most up to date ‘Instructions For Use’ PDF, on this website;

So far the feedback from those who have started using the new version has been very good.  Some sensitive people have reported noticing a cleaner clearer signal.  They also tell us there is a noted heightened degree in accuracy.

The Shaping Function;

Shaping Function has had a change and a new option added as well.  See the specific post on Shaping Function for more details of use.

Warrior Stim;

See more details in the post describing the use of the Warrior Stim. This new program is found on the Muscular Re-education for Athletes panel.  It brings together a balance of some of the top athletic stress reduction programs.  The two athlete Cascade Programs (1,2,3,4) are brought into play here meaning we have a little focus on both Anti inflammation/Injury stress reduction as well as muscle reeducation for performance enhancement. It also consists of a combination of energetic signatures with an overall stress reduction focus for enhancing athletic performance to the highest degree possible.  The warrior analogy was used because a warrior uses both body and mind in harmony to gain victory over great challenges, master amazing feats, with a devotion to causes greater than themselves and over any personal relationship gains. Some of the qualities of a good warrior are alert awareness, stamina, endurance, strength, speed, courage, discipline, focus, concentration and clearness of mind and thought.


See more details in the post describing the use of the The ZONE. This option acts like a piggy back for the Muscular Re-education for Athletes program.  You can use the arrow to set the brain function to the area where you feel the client needs more balancing towards.  Some of us use more left brain than right, so move the bar more to the left if there is a tendency to too much right brain use (more rare) or more to the right if there is a tendency for too much left brain use.  You can also leave it in the center for focus on being in “The ZONE”.  However, it is designed to have an auto focusing element and often resets it to the far right after a program is finished.  It can be reset as required before the next training option is applied.

INDIGO Software Language Changes;

Some more in depth text editing changes were made to the INDIGO software language. The INDIGO Biofeedback System is being marketed all over the world and it is crucial that our software represents safe compliant language for the user.  There is still a way to go with this to get it all fully updated.  The first phase of this process was done to make sure that the screens shots that will be shown publicly, beginning with the new INDIGO CARES community project will not bring us under any unnecessary scrutiny   There have been a few button name changes, but overall you should not have too much difficulty in navigating.  An extensive list of these particular changes will soon be posted.  Instead of making this newsletter article too lengthy you can refer to the FAQ’s for these changes.  Currently the ones posted are for the NLP page, more will be posted this week.


One of the most notable changes you will see are in the Simply Indigo program.  A few additional features have been added. It will now have the ability to show you the client’s choice of programs based on reactivity!  A Superconscious Choice button has been added at the bottom of the list under the 17 button options.  Click this and the super-conscious choices will appear in bold.  This can be repeated to reveal additional choices.

It will also automatically load the timer so you can set the time so you can add it in along with any other choices you make.  Even if you unselect, it will still remain bold until you close the Simply Indigo program.  The other new feature is an added rectification.  Now when each individual program completes and moves onto the next selection you will see a rectification appear directly on the just completed button.  The highest rectifications are usually achieved when the individual program selections have been set to run for 5-10 minutes each.  So keep that in mind when you are setting up your running time.  Time was also devoted to testing and improving the auto focusing specifically for the Simply Indigo program.  We receive a lot of positive feedback on this program already so are anxious to hear your feedback as you start using the newer version.

Anti Smoking

This is a new Anti Smoking program which will automatically install when you do the 11 11 11 update for your INDIGO.  Since the last firmware update the Antismoking program has been a little problematic in that it has not always wanted to open.  We were getting many calls about it opening in Trial Mode.  At first we thought it was due to improper procedure and our apologies for thinking those who reported this were not following procedure.  There was indeed an issue that was causing this.  This has now been rectified.   After running the update it should be opening every time as long as you reset the device and reboot the computer after using the device for INDIGO or E4I.  If you have not been taking advantage of this program that came with your INDIGO purchase try it out on someone you love, who needs help with smoking cessation.  Many are having such great success with it!


Not all INDIGO owners have the E4I but those who do, will be very pleased about some newly added features and the overall improvements to the software.  The E4I update will automatically be applied when you run the new update for the 11 11 11.  The Eternale update is also available separately here;

On the website link above you can also find the link to download the E4I Trial Version for any Indigo owners who wish to try it out.  You can also click this direct link;

One of the greatest new features of this release in one that allows you to choose one of the Mini or Maxi SPA programs and add any of the Externalization options, which will allow them to run in continuous succession after the SPA program, without stopping!

This is now all available for easy setup on the main page.  The main page has always displayed the 4 main SPA program options plus Eternalizations.  Now the new page layout also includes the entire list of 10 individual Eternalizations as options on a submenu.  So now you can choose one of the 4 main Spa programs and then add any number of individual Eternalizations.  You can also set up just the Individual Eternalizations (on their own) similar to selecting your own “play list” and have them run in succession after Calibration (must be set up prior to clicking Calibration).  You no longer have to start each one independently and wait for the previous one to complete before selecting another one.  After the set up options have been chosen click the Calibration and there is nothing you have to do until they have all completed.   If you made a mistake or decide that you want to change the choices on the Eternalizations choices, you can do so, but only while the Calibration is still running.

In this E4I update, a significant amount of time was devoted to fine tuning and improving the communications between the software commands and device firmware.  This program with the new developments and programming changes is absolutely sensational!

You can also review some video tutorial information on some of these new features with Susan Harms on this link from the Quantum Revitalization Days event.

We welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy all these new changes and features.

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