INDIGO 12 12 12 UPDATE (Outdated Post)


This will occur on the evening of Jan 9, 2013.  When the computer’s clock reaches that date, users will no longer be able to access their software and it will revert to Demo Mode!!! and you will be locked out!  To move forward you will be requested to do the 12 12 12 software update and then activate it for 200 Euro (click to see the post for Indigo Activaiton)

If the above information makes you nervous and you need time to think about all of this or you need some assistance from us it might be best to buy some time by backdating the clock on your computer, but eventually you may have to do the update, for example if your software reverts to Demo Mode (Click to see post).

Right now it is my impression and understanding, from witnessing all that has transpired in the last few weeks, that the INDIGO software is no longer under TQA/QWV.  You may have received an email from [WELCOMTOINDIGO] Robot that was inviting you to do the 12 12 12 Indigo software update.  It asks you to give your personal information and create a user account in order to proceed.  The Welcome to Indigo website is under the control of Budapest Home Office (BHO) and so it would appear that with this action they have essentially taken control of the INDIGO software.

Therefore Support Central will not have the same ability and tools to properly support you as we have in the past.  As you know prior to this date we have been very involved with all the Indigo updates and have provided you with thorough details of what has changed and any necessary information on how to use them.  We have been very keen on correcting glitches and problems, as well as listening to practitioner needs and requests. We have always been able to host the files for you to update which allows us to better assist you through the process. I have posted the Complete 12 12 12 Updating Instructions to do the 12 12 12 update..

Once you download hte 12 12 12 version and pay the  200 Euro fee through the Qxsubspace PayPal system you will once again be able to use your softwrae on the computer set to the accurate current time clock once again.   There is also BHO sanctioned mandatory plug-in, for a biofeedback display program call the BIG (Biofeedback Interactive Graphic).  This application is being sold and promoted as a ‘classic’ biofeedback instrument to show that basic Biofeedback measurements are taking place.  Many of you have asked us what this program is measuring and we are waiting on more information to be provided. This program costs an additional 150 Euro per computer installation  The Indigo is registered with the FDA as a Class II Biofeedback device.

Note: You can already see or show someone that the Indigo does Biofeedback by using the Harness Resistance Variability Indicator.  This application has been in the Indigo software since the 5 5 11 version.  You can see that the harness responds to the resistance when the clients skin is in contact with the electrodes and stops when removed.

This 12 12 12 release took place suddenly (during the holidays) and the myriad of emails from Qxsubspace, SST and Welcome to Indigo (None of whom represent TQA) has caused an immense amount of confusion. Support Central has been inundated with emails and calls,making it difficult for us getting back to you in a timely manner.

We will do our best to help you if you run into problems with this update.  If you have any problems with the  activation system, or making the payment through the BHO PayPal system, or any questions about any new parts of the software or the new BIG program, please make sure that you contact Qxsubspace for their help, soloutions and answers. You can use or the phone numbers found on the contact page of their website. The above contact info does not reach Desire’ Dubounet /Prof Nelson.  If you wish to express yourself about any of these changes you can do so on the Facebook chat group or via his/her personal email

If the reading this makes you a little nervous and you need time to think and prepare for all of this, you can buy some time by backdating the clock on your computer, but eventually you may have to do the update, for example if your software reverts to Demo Mode (Click to see post).

For those who are not on FB and have not seen the spirited and at times nasty debate going on, Desire’ has admitted to putting a time bomb in the 2011 version of the SCIO and Indigo programs which have caused several lock outs. S/he prefers to call them a ‘mandatory FDA recall’ function, which will disable your program unless you pay the activation fee of 200 EU by 1/10/2013. It has been stated that this same fee will recur each year from now on, but also in another post s/he has also said that this could be the last major update for both the SCIO and the Indigo and the future focus for him/her will be the Eductor.  The reason Desire’ has put lock outs in your software is to save you all from being ‘non-compliant’ with the FDA. Everyone worldwide needs to pay for the upgrade even if they don’t fall under FDA guidelines.  If you wish to know more about everything that has transpired in the last few weeks (over the Holidays) you can follow the dialogue on Facebook. ·  Quantum Biofeedback SCIO/INDIGO Practitioners Worldwide

Be forewarned you may not want to see what is happening because many are angry and speaking out against what they see as unjust, unprofessional and highly unethical.  Many are of the opinion that it is unethical to lock owners out of their already paid for software program. Many say that they don’t necessarily have a problem with their being an update fee but they have a problem with the way this update is being presented and promoted as an “FDA Recall“.  In another FAQ’s post called Budapest Announcement we show how you can access the FDA website and information on the Indigo’s FDA registration.  On facebook several licensed medical professionals have debunked the reasons for these so called FDA recalls and several have been asking Desire’ some very pointed questions, to which she repeats the same repetative answers.  People are frustrated that they arent getting their actual questions answered. Many are suggesting that there is a stopgap measure that can be used to avert this lock out, which would be turning back the clock setting on the Computer in order to maintain access to the software and keep things running. If you keep it back from that lock out date you are able to keep access to the software. If you do that, Desi has made the argument that “some functions” (subspace and the Biorhythm Program) will not work properly and it shows that you just don’t care about your clients.

Until now TQA allowed practitioners to have the software active on 3 computers for a nominal fee has also been changed. As we are finding out the new pricing fees that were initiated this summer for the SCIO 5 5 12 software are now being imposed with the Indigo 12 12 12 software as welll. According to the chart below The pricing is 200 Euro for the first computer install, 100 Euro for the second and 300 Euro for the third and fourth.  The BIG has a price tag of 150 Euro for each computer installation.

Here is the pricing they released for the SCIO this summer;

Activation of the SCIO Software on old/used/refurbished SCIO Systems

Activation of the SCIO Software on the first laptop/desktop 200 EUR
Activation of the SCIO Software on the second laptop/desktop 100 EUR
Activation of the SCIO Software on the third and forth laptop/desktop 300 EUR
Activation of the SCIO Software on five or more laptops/desktops 500 EUR

Activation of the BIG Software on old/used/refurbished SCIO Systems

Activation of the BIG Software on one or more laptops/desktops 150 EUR