INDIGO 5 5 11 Software and Firmware Update June 2011 (Older Version)


INDIGO 5 5 11 Version Firmware and Software Update June 2011

HINT: Save the attached PDF Link to somewhere on your computer.  The material is much easier to read from the PDF.
You can now take advantage of the firmware update for your INDIGO device and the release of the much awaited 5 5 11 version.
Here is a summary of the most significant changes from the 7 7 10 super version.
One of the best features of this version release is The Simply INDIGO Program.
In this convenient program there are 17 Simply INDIGO training program options to choose from. As you go down the list making your choices, you can independently set the number of minutes. Each individual choice can be set from 1-15 minutes, for up to a total of 90 minutes hands free running time. WOW!
Simply INDIGO Program Selections;

There are 17 Simply INDIGO training program options to choose from.  Then as you go down the list making your choices, you can individually set the number of minutes for each.  These can be set from 1-15 min.  The combined overall maximum number of minutes available is 90…Wow!

Please refer to the separate document for more details in the Instructions for use of the Simply INDIGO program.

1.     Nervous System Stress

2.     Organ Sarcode Signatures

3.     Digestive Stress

4.     Nutritional Absorption Stress

5.     Sensory System

6.     Vitality

7.     Endocrine /Hormonal Stress

8.     Environmental  Stress

9.     Emotional Stress

10.   Circulatory Stress

11.   Mind Body Connection

12.   Peak Brain Performance

13.   Weight Loss Stress

14.   Degenerative Stress

15.   Accident/ Injury/ Pain

16.   Sleeping Problems

17.   Aging Stress
Changes and updates to the INDIGO Software:

  • Auto Focus Zap from Filter for 5 min: Many have long expressed their eagerness for the return of this feature. Sorry for the delay.
  •  “See Trivector Chart of this Homeopathic”: Once again you will have the ability to view the matrix items and the color or fractal mathematic algorithmic chart of each matrix entry. This job had been postponed as it was very labor intensive. Each of the Trivector Signatures in the new SQLite Matrix had to be individually reconnected with the charting program.
  •  Biofeedback: Addressed the “Freezing” issues in Biofeedback. Slowing down the cycle of the “INDIGO is Working” panel making the programs easier to stop. Now if it shows the “INDIGO is Working” panel within the Biofeedback Program a new button has been added called “Stop Training”.
  •  Feedback Homeopathic Activation: A long term problem has now been resolved. When you “Load Homeopathic Remedy List” the Show by Value now works for all of the sub groups (Poly Crests, Venoms, Bach, Organs, Vacines, Nosodes, BioChemics, and Flower Essences) you no longer have to scroll through to find the highest reactant!
  •  Risks Profile: By Value set by default, so you don’t have to keep clicking to load items to the top tray
  •  Main Matrix / Subfilter: Neurotransmitter is a newly added category. (could not add alphabetically Scroll to the bottom of list)
  •  Universal Biofeedback Therapies: When doing Trivector, Auto Freq etc. the pop up program that gives the option to run the correction for the possible Personality Oppression Spirit Superimposition. This was getting locked up 90% of the time when attempting to correct or cancel. This has now been addressed.
  •  IRID Program: If the Anatomy Tab was not chosen first the program info exchange was not taking place. Still opens to the Welcome Tab but the info exchange is now automatic. Changes also made in the Emotions Tab so all values could be checked and all would be in value order. This is also now in real time. If you go to the causes chart this program too will update itself by clicking a previous tab and returning.
  •  Covert Thought pattern : This, as well as the Mental Factors Emotional Chart and Unconscious Reactivity; were raised, in order to see the rectification value on the NLP screen (formerly hidden)
  • NLP: Mental Factors Emotional Chart; Neurotransmitter text lines can no longer be accidentally erased in the Chart (also previously affected and not locked were the lines in the Shaping Function). The Value column has been realigned to the far right so more of the text can be seen. The long time problem of not being able to see the rectification on the NLP panel when this chart is open has been rectified! The purple hold tray alignment now adjusted to fully reveal any loaded (clicked) items. The Degen program taskbar icon shows Degenscan now instead of Cancerscan. Future plans to change verbiage in this program to “Conflict Active” to represent the Hamer program.
  • Short Sarcode Feedback: Changed default page to the Anatomy Tab, so the superconscious choice is given more attention. Changed the default program for Misc. Rx tab to the Skin as this is an important choice not to forget about. The skin is known as the largest organ of elimination.
  •  Short Sarcode Feedback: The color background was lightened because on too many computers it was too dark which made the text on the panel too difficult to read.
  •  Universal Biofeedback Therapies; Color change to make some text easier to see
  •  Main Matrix: After conducting the EPR TEST/Training, the next step is to click ‘Please Load New Info Report’, the Blue Info Report is also displayed. The ‘Remove Info’ button has been hidden to prevent it from being accidentally clicked. Some practitioners were doing this unintentionally because of habits from the past but doing so prevented the proper pulling of the Matrix items for accurate results. Now we can avoid this from taking place.
  •  Dental Under the Therapies (Top pull down menu) the name changed to “INDIGO Train Memo Items and balance all major risks”
  •  Various Other Small Minor Changes: Spelling, moving buttons so it doesn’t hide a word or other text, etc.
  •  Current Rectifications: Being able to resume Matrix work after visiting current rectifications and still getting a shaping function change on a Matrix Signature training. Prior to this change if you have left the Main
  • Matrix to visit the Check Current Rectifications the train or zap would not result in a shaping function indicator shift. This is now fixed.
  •  Screen Resolution Issues: Another common issue on smaller screens and resolutions was having access to all items on the bottom of several program panels. There are now scroll bars on most pages where there was the potential of not being able to access everything on the screen. Fewer cut off’s or inaccessible items at the bottom of the screen!While the software is designed specifically for use on Full HD LCD Screens (1920×1080) and 1280×1024 for 15″ laptops.  It “may look acceptable” on screen resolutions such as: 1680×1050, 1600×1024, 1600×900, 1280×960.

Firmware Update
Improved Rate of Information Exchange:
The INDIGO was already advanced at its inception, as far as communication and information exchange, due to having the latest technology inside the hardware itself.
Now with this firmware update, along with the changes to the software code, will increase the rate of transfer two times more than it currently is. Not only does this enhance the sending and receiving of signals but also increases the overall amount of information being shared and evaluated. The positive effects from this could include better quality sessions, improvement in the speed of rectification, enhanced ability /opportunity for client progression and of course, potentially faster sessions!
The following is a list of some of the program timers that were reduced to take advantage of increased speed;

  • Special AFE Programs: Much faster rectifications in all special INDIGO AFE programs
  •  Timed Therapy Music Superlearing: Timed Therapies, can start at 1 min
  •  Electro-Physiological Oscillation Freq: Stabilize Heartbeat / Blood Pressure Stabilize / Parasympathetic / Sympathetic / Vagus Nerve Stabilization
  •  The Calibration and the EDR “TEST”/Training will remain the same. Most of the Universal Biofeedback Auto Therapy programs along with many other program timers will remain unchanged. What is gained Instead is a greater sampling of the Biofeedback interactions.
  •  Main Matrix: Individual Reaction
  •  Homotoxicology: Bio Terrain / Train Top 5 / Stimulate Detox / Allopathic Drug Detox
  •  Auto Focus Zap Bio-resonance Zap Trainings: Many reductions in these timers and a fix as some anomalies were discovered and corrected. Overall Pathogens still at 12 minutes and the individual Pathogens (bacteria, fungus, worms, and virus) still at 5 minutes. Auto Focus Zap from Filter will remain at 5 minutes.
  •  Auto Meridian: Start Meridian Therapy
  •  Aging: Anti Aging Rx
  • Dark Field: General Rectification / Plio Morph Panel
  •  NLP: List items in the Therapies Pull down menu / and the main panel buttons
  •  Nutrition and Homeopathy: Enzyme Stim & Stab /Hormone Stim & Stab and other AFE programs (but this one was notoriously timed very long)

New Program;

Harness Resistance Variability Indicator: Gives you the ability to physically check the harness straps to see that they are responding to the skin resistance (contact) and see the live visual evidence of this. See separate document about how this program works and the instructions on how to use it.