Susan Updated; January 28, 2016


The Activation is done online from inside the Software on the Password Screen.

Here is a PDF that can be printed; How to Activate

On the Password Screen (don’t enter 1122) Look for the word Activation / Click it /Click Internet / Enter your Username and Password / You will be directed to Pay Pal to pay the activation fee.

Full Step by Step Activation Process:

  1. You will only be able to activate if the device is detected at 25%. The Indigo device needs to be communicating with the software to allow the online Activation.
  2. Start by making sure the INDIGO software is not currently running and the INDIGO device is turned OFF
  3. Check your connection to the internet (try opening a webpage to be sure).  If you use I/E you will need to be sure it is updated to the latest version.  You can also use Mozilla Firefox
  4. Ensure that your computer is on the current date (not backdated).
  5. Turn ON your INDIGO device and wait for it to fully initialize and give off its chime
  6. Now that the device is turned ON Double Click the INDIGO icon to open the software
  7. Once inside the Password Screen look for the word Activation (don’t enter 1122)
  8. Click  “Activation” (if you see DEACTIVATION instead, Please DO NOT click it, as this means you are ALREADY Activated). If you can’t access the software there is some other reason.
  9. Click “Internet”
  10. Enter your Username and Password  (Your Username is your email address. If you get a message about the Password being incorrect here is where to go to reset the Password )
  11. Click “Send to Server” (There will be a long pause)
  12. You should be directed to Pay Pal to pay the Activation fee. There is an Activation fee to be paid on a second computer or for a new version or a new computer or HDD install. No fee will be required to reactivate on the same computer with the same software that has reverted to Demo Mode, unless you have replaced the hard drive or have updated to a newer version of the software. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay.  You can use a credit card through PayPal.  If the credit card you are using is assigned to a PayPal account already you will need to use that account.  DO NOT close the page.
  13. Very Important:  When you get the message that the payment has been successful. Do not close out of the page. You must now apply the payment you just made to the Activation, so make sure you do not miss this next step:
  14. Click Return to QX Bahamas Ltd” Look for these very important words on the screen in blue. This MUST be clicked to apply the fee and Activation the software.
  15. There will be a long pause, so wait until you see the message “Congratulations you are activated”
  16. Click OK
  17. You will see another message YOU HAVE ENTERED THE RIGHT CODE#  CONGRATULATIONS  Welcome to the Quantum Xrroid Biofeedback System you must exit the program and re-enter  to activate the program and deactivate the demo scramble EXIT THE PROGRAM..,PLEASE RESTART AGAIN!
  18. Click Ok and it will take you out of the software and back to the desktop.
  19. Upon re-entry into the software it will be fully activated.

Note:  If you have closed the PayPal page without clicking “Return to QX Bahamas Ltd” it will still be in Demo Mode. You will see the hand holding the lightning bolt and won’t be able to access the software fully, as in, the TEST function.  If you are still in Demo Mode upon re-entry into the software, simply perform the Activation steps again.

This time you should get the congratulation message prompts, without going to PayPal.

Test the Software:

  1. On the Indigo be sure to set the Gage Matrix again for the Main Matrix.  It is found under Order of Remedies on the Main Matrix.  Only do it if you see GT Matrix Activation.  You will need to close and reopen the software for it to be fully functioning and giving accurate results.
  2. Do a trial session and run a TEST go to Risks Profile, Hyper reactions (Allersodes) panel, the Homeopathic feedback, Dental, Aging, Homotoxicology, the BV, the DD to re-index all those databases.
  3. It is good to open as may parts of the software as possible on the first test session to get all the databases syncing again.

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