INDIGO Sounds - How to Stop the Music
Updated March 2, 2016

Stopping The INDIGO Music

The INDIGO solfeggio music plays throughout the program and can’t be turned off in the Indigo software using the various Stop Music or Stop Clasp Sound buttons. There are other ways that practitioners are able to turn the INDIGO music off. This can also be helpful during training when practitioners might be trying to follow an online instructional course, while simultaneously using the program. It makes it difficult to hear the instructional video over the INDIGO Music playing. Depending on computer and O/S sometimes the only way to silence all sounds totally would be to mute the computer. On Win 7 and newer computers you can use the sound mixer which is located by clicking on the speaker icon, which is usually located on the bottom right of the task bar. This function allows the user to adjust the volume in various applications and programs independently. See the alternative ways to turn off the sound’s below;

WIN 7 – 8;

  1. Click the speaker Icon
  2. Click Sound Mixer
  3. Use the slider to see the programs that are currently running
  4. If they are open you can adjust the volume for the Indigo Bodyviewer DD accordingly
  5. You can resume the sound as necessary in the same wayNOTE: The program has to be open and running to see it listed in the sound mixer


    There is no such feature for Windows XP and Vista. So here is a little trick that can be used if someone prefers to have the INDIGO Music off for most of the session. With this method you will still get the intro sound and the sound during the Calibration, but can have it off for the rest of the session.

    The suggestion was made during the software development that we should not have music playing during Demographics. This is so that there is no music distraction during the initial consultation, while the practitioner is getting the client info and going through the SOC questionnaire.

    There are two INDIGO Music sound clips. One starts when the program is opening and then another command to play the other one iwhen the “Calibration” button is clicked.

    So at anytime after Calibration, you can make the music turn off, by going back into Demographics. Once the Demographics panel has been opened, just close it and resume with the session by proceeding to the ‘Test’ Screen as usual. Once you do this process and the Music has stopped, you will not be able to resume the music, for this session.

    Disease Dictionary – when running the sound has been changed to waves and surf of an ocean beach. So unless you Click to Mute in the in the Electro Acupuncture Bioresonance Panel’ or adjust in the Sound Mixer you will hear it.

    Certain sounds from the Bodyviewer and Biofeedback programs may still be heard if accessed as these are part of the guided imagery of the program option. So again those will be heard unless you completely mute or have the speaker Sound Mixer option.

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