How Do I Install The Latest Version of Clasp32 on a Computer For The First Time?


Review the Computer Specifications needed for best functioning of the latest software.

  1. If you have an older SCIO software version that you are currently running on your computer, you may need to check to see if it will still meet the current specifications, due to the extra capacity required to run the updated SQLite software as well as the additional graphic program demands. Check the post on Computer Specifications
  2. If you have a QXCI you may need to get further instructions by calling Support Central before proceeding.  Their are aslo specific computer specifications (if considering a new computer) which are crucial for the QXCI.  See the category for QXCI and reveiw the posts.
  3. There are also specific Prerequisites needed for the new SQLite Software (ie. latest Windows Service Packs for your OS) and for the ability to use the Enhanced DVD (Netframe3.0 software)
  4. As of 2009, Budapest Home Office (BHO) controls all activations online. You are required to Register your device at in order to get the software activated once it has been installed from a flash drive or disk.  However, make sure you do this registration prior to installing the new software to ensure you are able to create a User Account on their website, otherwise you could encounter unexpeted delays in getting your software activated.
  5. There is a fee for the online activations. This is charged by BHO for every computer you install the 5 5 12 software on.
  6. 1st – 200 EU (Fees are paid through PayPal by credit card or PayPal account.  DO NOT USE a PayPal e-checking account, because it takes 8 days of processing!)
  7. The following are the fees for each additional computer

2nd – 100
3rd – 300
4th – 300
5 or more – 500

If you do not have the latest software on a flash drive or disk, you can attemmpt to do it via the Budapest online download.

The Budapest site download is not our first recommendation to install the software, but it may be your only immediate option when an installation disk is not available.  Do not attempt this unless you are connected to a very good (preferably wired) internet connection.  It can take several hours (2 to 8 on average). The length of time is takes depends on your internet bandwidth and speed as well as your computer speed.  If there are any inconsistencies or disruptions in the connection it could result in a corruption or missing files during the process and you will have to repeat it to attmept to get them.

Go to then to the top of the page ‘Downloads’

Prior to July 2012 there have been a few different types of installation media available; the Basic DVD Installation or the Enhanced DVD.  If you have an Enhanced DVD there are instructions on the Menu window when you open the EDVD on your computer or you can refer to the Enhanced DVD Instruction Manual attached below.  You will need to verify by looking at the document date if it applies to the EDVD version you have.

NOTE: The newer EDVD’s have to be “Unlocked” (Instructions attached below).