Latest INDIGO Update; 11 11 2011 - Available December 29, 2011

This is the December 29, 2011 Update

To do the update it is recommended that the current software you are using is the 5 5 11, but absolutely not any software older than 3 3 10.  See the INDIGO tab on the main website for details.

If you are not currently on our constant contact email list, then you are not getting our important support emails about updates.  These emails will give you the steps and instructions on how to proceed or will give you direction on how to find the information or instructions you need.

If you are not receiving our important email announcements, notifications about the support, latest developments and important software news;

Please go to…

Look down at the very bottom of the page

Below all the text of the main page you will see a place to Click on “Email Sign Up”

Then follow the prompts to register a new email address and/or to update your information.

Indigo Updates are found through our website Click the purple Indigo Update Button in the upper left and follow the instructions. (Full instructions are found on the website)   In most cases of update notifications you can simply click the Indigo Update button icon on your computer desktop. In this particular update there is a need to update the Update Tool itself before thae actual download begins.  There will be pauses on certain parts of this process please be patient and wait.

The full steps can be seen in the video tutorial on our (website)

See the ‘Whats New 11 11 11’  posts for more detailed information about what is new in this latest release

Support Central

1-800-388-2033 ext 1