What is The Latest Officially Approved Version of The Clasp32?

Susan Updated; April 13, 2016

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  1. The last “mandatory” update was the 12 12 12. All earlier versions are considered not valid by BHO/QX.
  2. BHO has issued this policy: The only version of the software that the public can access, should they ever need to reinstall or activate is the one listed on www.qxsubspace.com as the “official released version”.
  3. If you need to update or reinstall the software you must go to the latest version of the software and will need to pay the Activation fees for the latest version of the software.
  4. You can find the latest BHO/QX officially approved and legally compliant version  for download here http://www.qxsubspace.com/download/index/software 
  5. The fees are posted on their website http://www.qxsubspace.com/scio/index/36/price_list
  6. Please see the website to register and understand the new activation process.  The new versions are always released online as a download. The online download may require many hours depending on the internet speed and quality.
  7. Please Note;  If you have any problems using the online services please contact the BHO directly + or info@qxsubspace.com .

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