I Have Lost My Client Files After A Freeze Up / Crash! What Happened?
Susan Updated; April 13,2016

This is an outdated post in relation to today’s software and the release of the 12 12 12 version.

These instructions relate to OLDER Borland database versions of the software, prior to 2009. The new SQ Lite software has been in affect since the 12 12 12 versions. The versions since the 12 12 12 have a different structure and the process is different.  You will only be able to correct the problem described with an old software disk (see below). 

Otherwise you may have to update to the current software version.  Older versions cannot be activated. Activation’s are done online and the process is automated and connected to the BHO/QX server.

Whenever you have a freeze-up or a crash and Clasp32 is shut down improperly you  may run into this problem.

First here is how to avoid it;

After an unavoidable shut down and upon re-entry you will usually get the message…Clasp32 was shut down incorrectly do you want to restore the last client?

Go ahead and click “Yes” if you are going back in to finish the session with this client. Click “No” if you are planning on loading another client.

The next step is the Password Screen, if it looks different and asks you to Enter your name and country  DO NOT DO IT!

If you do this you risk loosing your client files 90% of the time.

If this happens you need to use the Ctrl Alt Del and close the program. Then make sure Body Viewer and Irid are also closed (Check the TaskBar) if not you can right click and close them from the TaskBar.
Shut down the computer and reboot. Usually all will be fine when you go back into the Clasp32 program, as long as you have not attempted to
enter a client into the empty data base. If you did this it could corrupt your current client data base and you risk loosing the chance to restore them unless you have a back up.
Everyone should backup their client files on a regular basis.
It is very simple once you learn how. Don’t fail to do regular back ups of your client files.

If you reboot and still have no client files you will likely have to reinstall a portion of the software from your master disc.  If you overwrite steps one and two from your master disc this will usually resolve the problem and your client files will be restored. DO NOT DO STEP THREE from the disk.

If however, you attempted to enter a client when the demographics was empty, with the files missing, you may end up having to install a new data base (step three) and start over with a new client data base.  If you have a back up copy of your clients it can be applied to restore the ones you had backed up.

See post: How Do I Back Up My Client Files (Old Borland Versions)?

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