SQLite Bodyviewer
Updated March 2, 2016
Preparation & Process for Bodyviewer (BV) Navigation

With the 2010 versions of the software the process for using the BV has changed. There have been a few changes to how the BV runs since the switch to the SQlite Software in 2010. You have several options on how to run it. The first thing that needs to be run in an Info Exchange, these are Load Individual Movie Programs (preferred) or Unconscious Choices

  1. Most users like to go to the Risks Profile first and click by value and double click a high value item (repeating this sequence) until you have about six or so of the top risks loaded to the top editable field of the Risks Profile page. You can do just this and close, but you may want to quickly address them first as well.
  2. Options:  Before leaving you could Click “Train Areas Above” for a quick pulse of these reactive areas or go to Virtual Dr. etc. but just by double clicking and seeing them load to the top field will also make them show up in the BV piggy back fields
  3. If you want this information exchange to take place the above steps need to be done before the BV is opened. Then the top risks you have loaded will show up in the BV piggy back fields
  4. The other advantage of loading the top risks in the Risks Profile is that it also acts as an information exchange with other parts of the software. Some superconscious selections will appear as X’s next to certain programs in the Auto Focus Bioresonance menu on the Main Matrix Screen. They will also show up when you are running any of the AFE programs.
  5. Exception: In the case of an animal client ––Depending on which version of the software you are running–there are certain cases where going into Risks Profile before opening BV (when an animal client is loaded) fails to prompt the Animal and Farming buttons to appear in the BV. If you find this to be the case you may have to forfeit going there before using the BV.
  6. If you are working with an animal client and you wish to use BV functions other than the Animal and Farming tabs go to those options first, otherwise the animal and farm panels will cover the screen so you cannot easily use the other BV functions, unless you close and reopen.Bodyviewer  Programs Start1.  Load Individual movie program2. Select “either” Load Unconscious Choices or Therapist + Unconscious Choices

A)   Load Unconscious Choices


B)    Therapist + Unconscious Choices




Click Activate and Close

Again, for Therapist + Unconscious Choices you can return to consciousness to perform other training and then back to the BV again to see if the graphics have stopped running.

If these graphics have stopped you can proceed to another program like Disease Path of Old Trauma, or the Complete Spinal (these two choices will run to completion)

Then you can move to any of the other selections like Chakras, AFE’s, Acupuncture, Sacred Geometry etc.

Personally I prefer not to load one choice right after another and would rather give each its independent time.If you select a choice allow it to run for a few minutes while you return to the main program. I think it’s important to at least give them a few minutes to run on their own.

Going back and forth like this gives the practitioner something to do while they waiting for another timed program to finish.

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