News About 5 5 11 Being Beta Tested Feb-March 2011

This was originally written to be a part of the Quantum Connections newsletter (hence the writing style).  You can download the attached PDF as well.  See the end of the article.

Support Central Update about work on 5 5 11 version


“Nothing would be done at all if one waited until one could do it so well that no one could find fault with it.”

Cardinal J. Newman


New INDIGO Software Update Coming Soon!

As you patiently wait, or maybe not so patiently await the changes and updates we have been heralding, allow me to review what is in store.  Some of this may have already made its way to you through various channels.  Regardless of what you have already seen on this topic, I will be revealing more details.  This is sure to increase your anticipation and whet your appetite for what is in store.  I have also included a few tidbits about what is still yet future.

For the SCIO owners who may be reading this my apologies, as we are mostly focusing on the INDIGO for the purposes of this article.   The INDIGO Software is designed for QWV, but licensed from QX Ltd.  This gives us direct involvement in its development and allows us to have more freedom and control when it comes to resolving problems.  It is very likely that some glitches affecting the Clasp32 software will have been addressed.  The responsibility for improving and taking care of glitches in the SCIO software rests in their hands and won’t be apparent until next Clasp32 software version is release from Budapest.

Existing INDIGO Software:

Throughout 2010 we did our best to provide and ensure that the existing INDIGO software and all its programs were running as smooth as possible.  As it is in the world of programming things don’t always go as well or as fast as we want them to.  There were a few things that were still left unfixed from previous programming changes.  Here is a list of these along with a few new first time enhancements that will be included in your next update once released.

  • “See Trivector Chart of this Homeopathic”:  Once again you will have theability to view the matrix items and the color or fractal mathematic algorithmic chart of each matrix entry.  This job had been postponed as it was very labor intensive. Each of the Trivector Signatures in the new SQLite Matrix had to be individually reconnected with the charting program.
  • Auto Focus Zap from Filter for 5 min:  Many have long expressed their eagerness for the return of this feature.  Sorry for the delay.
  • Short Sarcode Feedback:  The color background was lightened because on too many computers it was too dark which made the text on the panel too difficult to read.
  • Dental Under the Therapies (Top pull down menu) the name changed to “INDIGO Train Memo Items and balance all major risks”
  • Biofeedback:  Slowing down the cycle of the “INDIGO is Working” panel making the programs easier to stop.  
  • Feedback Homeopathic Activation:  A long term problem has now been resolved.  When you “Load Homeopathic Remedy List” the Show by Value now works for all of the sub group (Poly Crests, Venoms, Bach, Organs, Vacines, Nosodes, BioChemics, and Flower Essences) you no longer have to scroll through to find the highest reactant!
  • Main Matrix:  After conducting the EDR TEST/Training, when one needs to click ‘Please Load New Info Report’, the Blue Info Report is also displayed.  The ‘Remove Info’ button has been hidden to prevent it from being accidentally clicked.  Some practitioners were doing this unintentionally because of habits from the past but doing so prevented the proper pulling of the Matrix items for accurate results.  Now we can avoid this from taking place.
  • Main Matrix / Subfilter:  Neurotransmitter is a newly added category.
  • NLP:  Mental Factors Emotional Chart; Neurotransmitter text lines can no longer be accidentally erased in the Chart (also affected the lines in the Shaping Function).  The Value column was realigned to the far right so more of the text can be seen. The long time problem of not being able to see the rectification on the NLP panel when this chart is open has been rectified!  The purple hold tray alignment now adjusted to fully reveal any loaded (clicked) items.   The Degen program taskbar icon shows Degenscan now instead of Cancerscan.  Future plans to change verbiage in this program to “Conflict Active”.
  • Short Sarcode Feedback:  Changed default page to the Anatomy Tab.  Change default picture for Misc. Rx tab to the Skin.  It is a more frequently used choice and prevents us from forgetting about that this major organ of elimination
  • Various Other Small Minor Changes:  Spelling, moving buttons so it doesn’t hide a word or other text, etc.
  • Screen Resolution Issues:  While the software is designed specifically for use on Full HD LCD Screens (1920×1080) it will look “acceptable” on screen resolutions such as: 1680×1050, 1600×1024, 1600×900, 1366×768, 1280×960, 1280×800, 1280×1024, 1280×720.

Another common issue on smaller screens and resolutions was access to all items on the bottom of several program panels.  There are now Scroll bars on every page where there was the potential of not being able to access everything on the screen.  No more cut off’s or inaccessible items at the bottom of the screen!

The Simply INDIGO program:

This convenient program provides a method of allowing you to set up and run stress reduction training, hands free for up to 90 minutes.  Wow!

Once the Calibration and the Main Matrix EDR TEST/Training have been completed the button becomes bold and available for clicking on from the Main Menu.  The following is the description you will see on the screen when you enter the program;

“These pre-designed INDIGO Biofeedback training options are based on energetic signatures known to assist with stress reduction.   They may contain a combination of stress reduction, pain management, relaxation, muscle reeducation or brain wave training signatures.  The use of mild electrical impulses, entrain the body to respond differently to stress; the button names simply reflect the types of stress for which the program was intended.”

This is the message you will see when you click to open the Simply Indigo program.  The Program Disclaimer states;

“Simply INDIGO has been designed as an adjunct program for the occasional session when an automated alternative is deemed appropriate.   It also provides a convenient method for creating a specific sequence of stress training programs that will run for up to 90 minutes.   This simplified version does not fully utilize the complete information and communication exchange as in the unabridged program, nor will it fully engage the auto focus functions or superconscious choices between the client and the INDIGO Biofeedback System.  Only the full INDIGO program has the ability to utilize the obtained information from Risks Profile and Universal Biofeedback Therapies.  For optimal results, do NOT use this program as a substitute for your skills as a certified practitioner running comprehensive session choices for your client.”

Clicking ‘OK’ shows that you are in agreement.

There are 17 Simply INDIGO training program options to choose from.  Then as you go down the list making your choices, you can individually set the number of minutes for each.  These can be set from 1-15 min.  The combined overall maximum number of minutes available is 90…Wow!

1.     Nervous System Stress

2.     Organ Sarcode Signatures

3.     Digestive Stress

4.     Nutritional Absorption Stress

5.     Sensory System

6.     Vitality

7.     Endocrine /Hormonal Stress

8.     Environmental  Stress

9.     Emotional Stress

10.   Circulatory Stress

11.   Mind Body Connection

12.   Peak Brain Performance

13.   Weight Loss Stress

14.   Degenerative Stress

15.   Accident/ Injury/ Pain

16.   Sleeping Problems

17.   Aging Stress

Once you click the Start button the selected choices will run from top to bottom regardless of the order you may have selected them.  This is also the main reason they have been listed in an order deemed appropriate for overall client benefit.

  • I would like to emphasize the importance of the program disclaimer.  It explains why the program was designed and the intended/recommended use.  I have already seen emails exclaiming, “I just can’t wait to use Simply INDIGO in my busy clinic setting, so I can have several clients in session at once!”  Whoa, hold up there!  This is okay as long as you are aware of its limitations.  Its placement on the Main Menu page was done specifically to emphasize that it does not interact with the client in the same way as the full unabridged program.  The intent was to simply provide you with an excellent occasional alternative.  It can be especially wonderful for practicing the meme, “Practitioner Heal Thyself”.  So on days when you just have too much to do, you can run some of these stress reduction trainings and multi task at the same time.
  • There are still plans to take this program a little further, such as integrating an Unconscious Choice, Stop Therapy Loop and adding an Alarm Response and Correction.  We would also like to integrate a visual effect for the pictures to also indicate that a session is in progress.  However, you will see the “INDIGO is Working” Panel.

Improved Rate of Information Exchange:

The INDIGO was already advanced at its inception, as far as communication and information exchange, due to having the latest technology in the hardware itself.  The next firmware update, along with the changes to the software code, will increase the rate of transfer by two times more.  Not only does this enhance the sending and receiving of signals but also increases the overall amount of information being shared and evaluated.  Positive effects could include better quality sessions, improvement in the speed of rectification, enhanced ability and opportunity for client progression and of course, potentially faster sessions!

  • Some Timers were reduced to take advantage of increased speedin certain programs;

The Calibration and the EDR “TEST”/Training will remain the same.  Most of the Universal Biofeedback Auto Therapy programs along with many other program timers will remain unchanged.  What is gained Instead is a greater sampling of the Biofeedback interactions.

Timed Therapy Music Superlearing: Timed Therapies

Auto Focus Zap Bio-resonance Zap Trainings: Many reductions to approx ½ the original time, with the exception of the Overall Pathogens still at 12 minutes and the individual Pathogens (bacteria, fungus, worms, and virus) still at 5 minutes.  Auto Focus Zap from Filter will remain at 5 minutes.

Electro-Physiological Oscillation Freq: Stabilize Heartbeat / Blood Pressure Stabilize / Parasympathetic / Sympathetic / Vagus Nerve Stabilization

Auto Meridian: Start Meridian Therapy

Aging:  Anti Aging Rx

Dark Field:  General Rectification / Plio Morph Panel

Main Matrix:  Individual Reaction

Homotoxicology:  Bio Terrain / Train Top 5 / Stimulate Detox / Allopathic Drug Detox

NLP: List items in the Therapies Pull down menu / and the main buttons

Nutrition and Homeopathy: Enzyme Stim & Stab /Hormone Stim & Stab

Multi Language Packs for Translators:

One of our goals moving into 2011 was to ensure that the INDIGO and E4I had more language options.  The first phase of these language translation packs has been released to our National Coordinators and those translating.  This phase includes the 10, 400 lines of the Main Matrix database. When phase two of the Multi Language package is ready there will be about 20, 000 more lines to translate.  When this is complete the rest of the program will be able to take the transformation into the language of choice.  This second phase will also benefit our English version because it will allow us to get into every nook and cranny of the software and flush out all those things that still need final touches like spelling, grammar, out dated info, as well as allowing us to update the remaining verbiage to be in compliance with the guidelines of the industry.

Developments already in progress;  

Temperature Sensors:

We are finalizing the process to fully integrate this technology into the software. The Biofeedback signals gained through the sensors will be displayed visually on the LED screen of the device.  This gives another opportunity for actively involving the client in monitoring and reducing their own stress levels as a session progresses.

LED Touch Screen Capabilities:                                                                                                                                                             The activation ofthis capability will add yet another great new feature to the INDIGO device.  One of the first touch screen applications will be used for monitoring the temperature sensor changes.  This will be released to the Beta Testers as soon as possible.


Planned for the very near future;


Resistance Variability Indicator:

The addition of this application will allow the practitioner to see a visual response when the harness electrodes make contact with skin resistance.  A hand can be placed on the limb and/or head harness electrodes and see a live visual interaction. This can be used as a simple check that ensures the practitioner that each electrode is live and active.  It can also be used in a demo setting to show the visible evidence that the software does interact via the skins resistance and demonstrate an EDR stress response.  The button to access this program will be on the Password screen.


Guided Imagery:

The current guided imagery programs are being recorded by well known Advanced Instructor Gage Tarrant.  Her professional Hypnotherapist voice will provide the tone and quality to enhance these programs.  The same voice you may already be familiar with in the Eternale and E4I.

Hololinguistic Matrix :

There are plans to include a new and separate Hololinguistic Matrix.  This will incorporates the Archetypal Signatures that Gage Tarrant utilizes and discusses in her Mind NRG courses.

Some of you may not be signed up to receive our email announcements.  This means you might miss out on valuable information regarding software changes, updates, glitches, or warnings.  From now on some of these emails will be sent from  so you may want to consider signing back up if you have unsubscribed.  I know some of you have expressed that you were receiving too many emails from TQA and it has been noted.  The marketing team has been implementing ways to rectify this influx.  I will allow the Marketing team to fill you in on those details.

BETA testing is being conducted by some of our long time practitioners who know the software very well.  This is one way to ensure that all areas get tested in order to detect as many errors and glitches as possible before its release.  Please be patient as we go through this process.  I am sure our Beta Testers will provide us with some valuable feedback.  Look for the Beta chat discussions about this.

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“The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson