Ordering The Latest Version of The Clasp32 SCIO Software
Susan Updated; April 10, 2016

The SCIO/EPFX software is available for download on www.qxsubspace.com

The software has been available to download online since 2010. The full online download takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on your internet quality and speed. You can consult the post for the latest software for installation instructions.

Currently there is no disk or flash drive available to order through QWV but you can contact QX/BHO


  1. If you have been running the software on an older XP 32 Bit computer it is advisable to review the latest Computer Specifications  document to understand what is required. The latest software has higher demands so better specs may be required for the smoothest functioning of the software.
  2. Budapest Home Office/QX (BHO/QX) now controls all activation’s. You should have an account and be register on  www.qxsubspace.com . You will need to be registered in order to access the online download and to activate after the software has been installed.
  3. To prevent delays in this process make sure you already have an account or are able to register your device and create an account prior to installing. Pictures of the device and the purchase invoice/document will need to be uploaded to fulfill the requirements and create an online account.
  4. There is a fee for the online activation. This is charged by BHO for every computer that you install the software on. Fees are paid through PayPal by credit card or PayPal account.

Please see visit www.qxsubspace.com to make sure the fee information is accurate and up to date

  1. Software Activation Price List

1st Computer = 300 Euro

2nd Computer = 150 Euro

3rd & 4th Computer = 300 Euro …etc

The BIG Software = 300 Euro per computer

Note: If you have a QXCI device this is now obsolete. It has to run on an XP 32 bit computer (also obsolete). Please consult the www.qxsubspace.com website.

Originally the 5 5 11 was downloaded and then the QT Patch had to be run for the QXCI to function well. They do advertise a 5 5 14 version of the software, but I can not vouch for its usefulness. If you need a new computer there may be very little you will be able to do unless you can find another XP 32 bit in good enough shape to run the device. You will have to check with BHO/QX for any specific instructions relating to using the old QXCI device or go to their support page http://www.qxsubspace.com/support and click “Email Us” and inquire.

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