Ordering The Latest Version of The INDIGO Software


The online updates only install what is NEW

There is no online download for installing the FULL INDIGO software.

Do not allow your hard copy installation version of EDVD get too old.  If you are only doing online updates, inevitably the time will come where you need to reinstall form scratch, or start fresh on a new computer.  Without a recent hard copy version of the software you could find yourself in trouble as far as not being able to practice, until you order the software.

For example, if the last hard copy version of your INDIGO software is 5 5 10 it is recommended that you order an uptodate hard copy of 11 11 2011.  Since version 5 5 10 there has been 7 7 10 and 5 5 11.

Once you have the current software installed you can use the Update Tool on your computer’s desktop to keep the software up to date.  In the beginning we told you to do this often because at that time software changes were quite frequent.  This is not so now and any major update we will give an announcement.  Most people are up to date now with the 11 11 11 software.  It is probably only necessary to do a monthly update using the update tool.

TO ORDER THE EDVD  or for more Info Visit;

SST (Formerly The Quantum Center of Excellence) website;

877-777-7384 / 989-321-2800


Review the Computer Specifications needed for best functioning of the latest software:

There are also specific Prerequisites needed for the new SQLite Software (ie. latest Windows Service Packs for your OS) and for the use of the Enhanced DVD (ie. Netframe3.0 software, adobe).
There is an online activation fee (install on up to 3 computers).  On each computer you install the software on there is a 5 Euro fee, paid through a Paypal account or by credit card.  DO NOT USE a Paypal e-checking account!

There are two great tools loaded to your computer desktop from this EDVD installation.  It will load a Back-up Tool on your desktop that allows you to do future back-up and restore for all your Client Data Files (INDIGO, Anti Smoking or E4I), also reports, Added Matrix items, saved Prayer files, and Add Faculty information you may have.

On the first menu of the Enhanced Installation DVD, it will determine if you need any software prerequisites such as Windows Service Packs, .Net Framework programs or even the Adobe Reader program.  The second Menu will prompt you in a specific sequence to run the backup program and remove the old software versions from your computer. Then you can install the new software,  restore all your client data  INDIGO, Anti Smoking or E4I), restore Added test Matrix items, Prayer files, Add Faculty, etc.  There are options to install the USB to USB cable drivers, install new wallpaper, install the video Codecs and even perform routine maintenance.

For Assistance call Support Central  

800 388 2033 ext. 1
Please leave your name and number clearly, the main reason for your call and the availability to receive a return call as it may take anywhere from several minutes to several hours, or even the next day (if your call came in at the end of a shift, or you weren’t available when we tried to reach you).  It all depends on the current call load and the time of day you left your message.