Password For Entering The INDIGO Software (1122)

Susan Updated; February 27, 2016

The default password for the INDIGO software is 1122.  If you have created and saved a new password but have forgotten it, you will need to create a new one.

If you are in a situation where you find the usual 1122 is not working, try creating a new password.  Choose a 4 digit number you know you will remember and click New Password, Click Ok to the message.

The original 1122 default one will only get reset if you do a reinstall of the software.  This is NOT the same as doing an online update.  The reinstall would have to be a full reinstall, in order to reinstate the original default 1122 again.


If you can’t TYPE ANYTHING into the Password field at all …that is a different situation.  This can be because your Indigo device did not get picked up as you were entering the software.  Always watch for the device to get detected at the 25% load mark when the box appears displaying the serial number that you need to close and continue.  If that doesn’t happen you can’t type in the Password Field.  Close out, recheck that your device cord is connected to the right computer port (usually only one USB port has been configured for the device recognition).  If the device is still not getting picked up look at the post to configure your device to a new port.  Setting the INDIGO Device to Communicate Through A Different USB Com Port

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