Platinum Water Ionizer

Platinum Water Ionizer

Platinum Water Ionizer

You can produce alkaline water instantly and continuosly. We recommend using a slower flow rate because the longer the contact tim in the filtration and electrolysis stage, the better.

Produces strong antioxidant water typically exceeding – 500 mV
Antioxidants are considered beneficial because they slow the chemical process of oxidation or aging.

Features Platinum-coated Titanium Electrodes
These electrodes are made of the finest quality materials in the world which means a lifetime of reliability and worry free maintenance.

12-stage, Dual-Cartidge Purification System
Provides twice the peace of mind by eliminating harmful impurities while keeping beneficial minerals required to produce alkaline water which neutralizes acidity in your body.

Built-in Microprocessor
State of the Art technology programmed to adjust the pH based on your source water eliminating the need to calibrate the machine.

Constant Filter Usage Display
Takes the guesswork out of knowing when to replace your cartidges.

Self Cleaning&Draining Function
No Cleaning or Maintenance required

Voice-supported Warning Messages
Indicates which setting or process is occurring in a pleasant voice.

7 pH Setting (2 Acidic, 5 Alkaline&Purify Only)
7 pH Settings make it easy for you to select the pH level that you need for drinking, cleaning, or using as an astringent to beautify the skin. Adjustable levels also allows your body to gradually adjust to the alkaline intake.

Easy to install
No plumbers required. Takes minutes to install.

Size: 12,5’W x 13,5’H x 5,5’D
Weight: 14,5lbs