How Do I Prepare My Computer Before Installing a new 09 version of Clasp32?

WARNING OUTDATED POST  Please note this post was done to help assist people who were attending the 09 “What’s NEW” software installation tours.  You will find much of the information here useful and helpful.  If you are looking for information about updating to the latest software please refer to the applicable post.


1)  If you have a busy practice with clients it is always advisable to have another computer with your current version of the software installed, should you run into any problems upgrading.  Never leave yourself in a vulnerable situation where you could encounter downtime due to a change of software or any of the recommended upgrades.  Prepare your computer by taking note of the following points well in advance of the tour.


2)  Make an extra back up of your client files as a precaution before attending the workshop.  Keep in mind if you do a back up of the entire Data folder (as we used to teach) it cannot be reinstalled, as is, but it could potentially be used to extract the files needed to restore your client files.  There is a specific way this must be done with the 09 versions.  We cannot be held liable for any data loss if you have a problem with installation, that is why we still recommend you do a backup of your data yourself even though the enhanced DVD installer program does run a backup.  See How Do I Back Up My Client Files (Any Computer)?

If you have Add to Faculty files back them up.

If you have added DD cocktails back them up.

If you have added Prayer files back them up.

These must be backed up to My Documents or copied to a file outside of the Clasp 32 program.

If you have Test Matrix files back them up.  See How Do I Back Up and Restore My Added Test Matrix Items?


If you have Gage’s Matrix Project or any other special matrix program it will have to be reinstalled after the installation is complete.  However, if you reinstall this you may encounter some technical problems (please check with distributor) as we don’t yet know the possible ramifications of installing these older Matrix files over the new one.  TQA can only advise you regarding Gage’s.  If you reinstall Gage’s you will not have the Young Living Oils that are in the new 2009 matrix. (possible update coming soon).


3)  Make sure you are using a computer that meets the software specifications. Older computers may need to be updated.  See Computer Specifications Needed to Run the New SQLite Clasp32 Software .

In general those who want to use Mac do so at their own discretion.  Partitioned computers tend to be more problematic with the Clasp32 software; therefore we caution you as far as MAC use.     See What Do I Need to Know About Using an Apple (MAC) for Clasp32?

Exception  Practitioners who received a Mac through one of our promotions (2006) are supported but are advised to contact tech support well in advance of the tour.

4)  Follow the instructions to bring your computer up to date, described in the ‘Clasp 32 Updates-Prerequisites’, PDF.  Do not leave this to the last minute, because depending on your computers current state, this preparation can take several hours.


Updating to Windows Service Pack 3 is being recommended by the Support Central technical staff.  (Clasp32 Updates-Prerequisites PDF). This may require help from a technician in some cases.

Important   Never have your SCIO device connected to your computer during any windows updates.  This could potentially affect the drivers and rendering the SCIO not recognized by the Clasp 32 software.

5)  Keep in mind, if you do require technical support 800-388-2033 ext 1 that this line is very busy.  Please be patient as calls can not always be answered immediately and you may have to leave a message.

6) Ideally your computer should be as clean as possible and it is recommended that you do some basic computer maintenance like a disk cleanup and a defragmentation.   If this has not been done for a while it could take several hours.  When doing a disk clean up Do notselect Old Compressed Files or Office Set up Files.  NOTE:  It is not recommended to defragment a partitioned computer.  Partitioned Computers are not recommended as they can not partake in online updates of the newer software.

7)  Remember you will not be receive a disk at the tour and will still have to order one, see information and details about the various purchase/order options for the software at The Quantum Center of Excellence .


8)  If you are installing on a Vista for the first time take note of the special instructions for doing that and also the (Prerequisites).  If you are going to be installing on a new computer and have an older USB to Serial SCIO Device you will need Serial to USB Vista drivers.  You can contact the Support Central team at 800-388-2033 ext 1 to request the specific drivers needed in your case.   See How Do I Install the USB Driver and Assign It to the Correct Com Port for Clasp32?


9)  At the tour it may be necessary to go online with a wireless connection.   This would only be necessary if there are complications with your install or if you have not completed all the required prerequisites.  If so you may also need to prepare ahead of time with some anti virus protection.

The following are not TQA recommendations but are simply based on years of practitioner feedback:

These are the known anti virus program conflicts that have been noted for the Clasp32 software;  Norton, Symantec, Vipre, McAfee, Kaspersky, Panda (may only need to be disabled), CA, Zone Alarm, Webroot, Trendmicro and PC-cillin. 

Recently (especially with the 09 software release) we have noticed more antivirus program conflicts, so the list has increased.  If any of the above listed programs are installed on your computer you may have to temporarily disable or in most cases remove the existing antivirus program.  Otherwise there may be conflicts trying to install the new Clasp 32 software.

Also according to practitioner feedback, many have been fine using either Avast if they rarely go online.  For those who have not designated their computer for only Clasp32, we have had good feedback from Practitioners using Norman or Nod32 ESET, Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG.



Quantum Computers does not recommend the use of free antivirus software.   The only anti virus software they recommend is Norman.  This is the software they sell and support.  They have tested it with the Clasp 32 and prefer the use of Norman over anything else.