What Is The Process For Installing Clasp32 on a Vista Computer?

This is an old post that has been updated.  VISTA has proven problematic and not recommended.

Beta Versions have been in the testing process for compatibility with the Vista Operating System.   The 7 7 06 is not Vista compatible.

There was never an officially approved and released version of the Clasp32 software for Vista.   Vista has had some problems in the market place and that being said has not shown favorable feedback as a good choice of OS for the software overall.

The first thing you must do before installing Clasp32 on a Vista Operating System is to turn off the User Account Control.



Turn off the User Account Control

Access Control Panel

a)      Click Start Menu

b)      Click Control Panel

Click Classic View on the left hand side

Click User Accounts on the right hand side

Click Turn User Account Control On/Off

Un-Check Use User Account Control

Click OK

Click Restart Now

Install the software