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The Perfect Refresher Program

The Guidance Education Mentoring (G.E.M.) Casts make a great refresher course. There is the ability to participate in the Live meetings, as well as, unlimited access to any of the recorded archives. These sessions will help you gain invaluable experience
and further solidify your foundational understanding of the software, as well as, help to round out your software knowledge. You will catch many little gems during these interactions; learn from other practitioner questions; hear something explained differently that helps you more fully understand it; or get clarity on a process that had eluded you. In turn it will assist you in creating your own multifaceted approach to sessions.
Herein is an outline of the areas of the software that will be discussed and covered.
There will be plenty of hints, tips, and tricks, as well as opportunities for Q & A on topics that come up during the live chat and as time permits, some off topic questions.

The first 2 hour Orientation provides practitioners with a quick overview of some basic info:
The function of your QX World account and how to access/use it.
Technical Support / Blue Screen/ Lock outs and other crucial technical “need to knows”.
Computer Tips / Windows Updates / Volume Sound Mixer
Omnis Software updating and activating
Proper Omnis Software opening procedures.
Quick Overview of Loading a Client and how to add a Client Picture in the Calibration panel.
Session set-up tips and Harness utilization tips.
Proper software closing procedures.
Some general do’s and don’ts.

2-H o u r B e g i n n e r S e s s i o n s (6)
BEG 1. Device and Harness Care, Tips on Client Prep & Set up, SOC, Demographics, Managing and Modifying a client entry
BEG 2. Compliant Language, Calibration, VARHOPE Interpretation, TEST function set up tips, Optional System Power Settings, and understanding and interpreting the Matrix part 1
BEG 3. Interpreting the Matrix part 2, Risks Profile & Virtual Dr., Spinal & Sarcodes and Biorhythms
BEG 4. Main Matrix – Red and Purple Hold Trays -Using the Echo’s and the Universal Biofeedback Therapies Panel
BEG 5. Short Sarcode Feedback Rx, and utilizing the BodyViewer, IRID, Disease Dictionary
BEG 6. Muscle Re-education for Athletes and Biofeedback Systemic Relaxation

2-H o u r A d v a n c e d S e s s i o n s (6)
ADV 1. Dental Program and Dark Field Blood panel
ADV 2. Homotoxicology and Bioterrain, Stimulate Reaction Duplicate Remedy
ADV 3. Degen Hamer program and Feedback Homeopathic Activation
ADV 4. Allersode /Hyper Reactivity and NLP
ADV 5. TTMS, Superlearning and Brain Wave training
ADV 6. Anti Aging, Body Scan & Face, Skin Rejuvenation, Past Life Program, Quantum Communication and Time Travel program

G.E.M. C A S T S E S S I O N S
Overall, the G.E.M. casts give you the opportunity to communicate with Susan Harms D.Ac QWC DQB, whom has been a certified instructor and diplomate for over 17 years. Susan has provided technical support and troubleshooting for device practitioners over the past 19 years. Prior to this she practiced with various EAV, EPR, and Biofeedback devices. She has proficiency in the use of the SCIO, Eductor, QUEX S, QUEX ED and INDIGO software. During the development of the INDIGO device, she worked with the QX World software programming team, thus gaining a wealth of experience. She has an in-depth understanding of the most asked questions in relation to the software navigation, its programs, and all the various nuances.


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