SCIO Limb Straps


Product Description

Highly conductive BioTrode™ Rubber electrode lies against the skin. An internal woven wire runs the full length maintaining balance throughout the entire electrode for more balanced and consistent surface area performance.

1″ W x 15″ L straps may be overlapped on the limb to provide broad surface area coverage of frequencies. Wider and longer straps mean one size fits all!

Our straps are fully lined with soft Velcro® loop that runs the entire length allowing for easier adjustments and faster connection time.

Velcro® hook tabs are on the end. The “Quick Release” connect / disconnect magnetic clasp never touches the skin so you have no metal touching your client!

“Quick Release” makes it easy to disconnect your client should they need a break and again; provides breakaway security from the
Limb Wires to prevent tugging and / or possible damage to equipment.

Oil-Resistant BioTrode™ Rubber is durable and easy to clean.

Remember: We have a 1 year limited warranty…  With proper use, you may never need to purchase another set!


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