Successfully Addressing Animal Trauma


Access the previously Live 2+ hour webinar training followed by 30 minutes Q & A with Margrét Margrétardóttir jr.

Product Description

Access the previously Live 2 + hour live webinar training followed by 30 minutes Q & A with Margrét Margrétardóttir jr.

Margret is an expert working with animals. With all her hands on experience in using our device software with animals, she will guide you in how to correctly navigate these programs in the software. Additionally, the added information about the animal psyche, helps you more successfully address the stress and trauma many animals experience.

Just like humans, animals can suffer from trauma caused by deeply distressing or disturbing experiences. These can affect them mentally or physically.
As with all living beings no animal is the same. They will not experience, or act the same as another animal, under the same circumstances. Long term physical abuse like beating, will usually end up in a mental breakdown, and will manifest as a reserved, withdrawn, fearful animal, or as an aggressive animal. An aggressive animal is usually an animal that is overwhelmed with fear and the thought form of, ‘’I will hurt you, before you can hurt me’’.
It is important to learn to read situations when working with animals, but most of all learn to give the animal TIME; the time to build up trust; the time to heal mentally or physically; the time to learn how to simply be the animal it was intended to be. Time and love are everything. It may seem like the ‘’treatment(s)’’ are not moving forward at all, but with patience and the right mindset, miracles do happen.
The beauty of working with animals with our Biofeedback technology, is that it gives us insight into things that our beloved animals can’t put into words. It opens up a world of possibilities for their healing. Biofeedback gives us the ability to go much deeper and faster; including releasing stagnant, traumatic, energy imprints from potentially deep layers.
Animals love having biofeedback sessions and since they are not held back with blockages like “resistance to change”, it makes the process beautiful to witness, as simultaneous relaxation and changes are noticed almost immediately.


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