Quantum Revitalization Educational Videos
Susan Updated; February 10, 2016
Quantum Revitalization Day

Here are some links of interest.  Gage and I recorded these videos for the Canadian workshops, where practitioners came together to receive their new Indigo device.  We had many Canadians who had been delayed in getting their device due to the delays getting the HC License.

Quantum Revitalization Educational Videos

These videos were designed for this educational weekend. Below is a little note to go with each Video # for a content preview.

Gage Jurisprudence and Compliance

Gage did an excellent review of language and verbiage as well as helping the Practitioners to understand why changes were made in the Indigo software language.


Part 1:  Evolution of the Software Database and Programming


This is similar content to the original INDIGO Days overview the change from Borland Database to SQLite and the programming software tool update (Levente’s Delphi programming tool) and how these changes benefit the Indigo development now and moving forward.  The progression form older devices to the current Indigo a look inside (shows the motherboard and internal workings of the QXCI /SCIO/ INDIGO.  A review of the Indigo hardware specifications and how it makes it superior.

Part 2:  Software Progression Improvements

Covers many of the software changes (Part 2) In the Software progressions I review some of the changes. This was geared to the SCIO users who had upgraded to the Indigo to show them what had been done with the INDIGO.  Review the new Shaping Function process, etc.


Part 3:Software Progression –Simply INDIGO / Resistance Variability Indicator


How to find and use these two programs which have been added to the INDIGO Software.

Part 4: Software Progression –Eternale for INDIGO (E4I)


A brief overview of what adding the additional software of the E4I to your Indigo system purchase can do for your practice.  This reviews some of the new changes with the addition of the Eternalizations ‘ ala carte’ programs and how to run these consecutively after a main Spa program.

Part 5: E4ISoftware Progression —Anti Smoking


Quick overview of how to use the Anti Smoking Program.

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