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QUEX ED Biofeedback Programs

Electro-Acupuncture: Designed to measure bioresonance and electrically balance the acupuncture points with harmonic resonant frequencies.

Meridian System Correction: Stimulates and adjusts the meridian system utilizing a frequency applied technique.

Scalar Auto Program: Balances the subtle energy centers in the being, known as the Chakra system.

Trivector Program: A deep balancing protocol designed for stabilizing the Trivector (voltage, amperage, resistance) and increasing the client’s energy levels.

Muscular Re-Education for Athletes: Includes several programs designed for muscular re-education and muscular enhancement for the individual, with a focus on athletes.

Muscular Re-Education for Injured Muscles: Muscular reeducation and pain management through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming): Designed for stress reduction, emotional counseling and stress management on a deep level.

Processed through an Aberrant Artifact Reduction System. Dedicated independent EMG and EEG amplifiers are present with a built in 50-60Hz noise and Butterwort filter. Built in wave source with programmable amplitude and frequency for improved verification of the EMG, EEG channels.

ETM: The Electro-Transcendental Meditation function stimulates the mind into deep states of relaxation and meditative bliss, encourages deep relaxation via more balanced brain hemispheres, releases sticky emotional states, enhances the senses, enhances color perception, and reduces brain wave conflict.

The ETM experience is like tuning a badly tuned guitar to harmonious tranquility, by eliminating dissonance. Perception is improved and thus brain function can expand due to a more open consciousness.

Hyper-Reactant Reactivity Training: Records and balances the reactivity scores to several items in the Matrix.

Chinese Oriental Acupuncture: External electromagnetic energy is theorized to penetrate the body through acupuncture points, and flow through the meridians into the whole field of the body. A useful program for training stress and tension that may be related to any excessive or deficient Qi, that could be over stimulating and/or blocking the energy flow through the meridians of the body.

Biofeedback: Contains many training options to choose from; awareness of emotional tension, guided imagery, deep relaxation and muscle re-education.

Homeopathy: Those that use homeopathic remedies believe that even though traces of the physical molecules of the original substance may be undetectable after the process of dilution and succussion, that there remains an imprint of the original essence. Thus, an energy pattern imprint which gives a therapeutic or healing charge. This panel contains an extensive number of programmed homeopathic signatures that are catalogued and listed according to each client’s individual reactivity profile.

Behavioral Medicine and Naturopathy: Integrated throughout the software are training programs focused on holistic approaches to well-being. The educational content and training options offer a natural approach, encouraging clients to seek better lifestyle choices, such as emotional control, stress reduction exercises, nutritional and other natural choices that significantly increase the body’s potential to return to homeostasis.