Register Your SCIO Device In Order To Activate The Latest Software Version

IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY USING A PRE 2009 version of the software and have just ordered the latest SQLite software (it is always recommended to have a fairly recent version on hard copy) make sure that you register your device before you install the latest software.  This must be done first before you can activate.  All activations are now done online.

Register on the QX Ltd Budapest Website;

Clasp32 SCIO/QXCI owners must

 Go to

Navigate to the Middle Right side and click …“Don’t have a USER ID? Sign up!”

Make sure all fields are filled in and correct

Make sure that the SERIAL NUMBER is double checked and entered correctly.  Use capital letters for the SX with 10 digits following and no spaces.  SX0000000000

QX registration will be different and if you have trouble registering on the website you will have to contact in order to get registered.

See post regarding ordering the software in hard copy

“Ordering The Latest Version of The Clasp32 SCIO Software”

You can order the latest version of the software on hard copy so you can easily install on another computer.

Activation insructions with pictures are attached in PDF form below