How Do I Restore My Client Files After An Upgrade or Re-Install?

Susan Updated; April 13, 2016

These instructions relate to OLD Borland database versions of the software, prior to 2009.  The new SQ Lite software has a different file structure and the process is different.

If you have the client files saved from your older version of the software they can only be restored to the same software type of software which would be the versions prior to 2009. So for example you had one computer that crashed but you had another computer with the same older software you would be able to take the files you saved off of it and transfer them to the other computer.

Note: Client files will not merge. If you do this you write over any client files already present on the computer.

Locate the folder where you saved a backed up version of your Client and Examin files.  You should have already renamed it (example: Clients Date 01.31.09).

  • Double-Click on the renamed folder to open it
  • Click Edit
  • Click Select All
  • Click Edit
  • Click Copy
  • Now Open My Computer (through your start menu or it may already be an icon on your Desktop)
  • Open the C Drive
  • Open the Clasp32 Folder
  • Locate the Data Folder
  • Right Click on Data Folder
  • Click Paste
  • Click Yes to all, If you get a message.. .This folder already contains a file named…
  • Close all windows once the transfer is complete

Open the Clasp32 program and you should see the clients file list restored to Demographics.

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