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The S-ENSO Beauty System

The S-ENSO Beauty System* is based on decades of research conducted in the field of bio-energetic technology. The S-ENSO beauty rejuvenation software has been designed to facilitate deep relaxation by emitting subtle, gentle, almost imperceptible vibrations when used in conjunction with the INDIGO, QUEX ED, QUEX S, EDUCTOR and SCIO devices. 

Youthfulness is an element within all of us and when we feel good about ourselves, we radiate real beauty outwardly. Life brings circumstances and challenges; exposure to chemicals, vaccines, environmental toxins, medications, and unhealthy lifestyles; due to the lack of exercise, the foods we ingest and the beverages we consume. Stressful lives lead to the development of unhealthy and negative thought patterns. Consciousness of those patterns is fundamental to becoming empowered to make quality changes in our lives. This highly sophisticated software facilitates vibrational repatterning messages—whereby inner beauty—creates outer beauty. 

On the physical level, the S-ENSO uses a cybernetic loop link that reads skin resistance and muscular interface reactivity. It gently measures these unique reactions and generates a safe, micro-current pulse stimulation through skin contact, facilitating stress reduction, relaxation of muscle tension, rejuvenating the body, enhancing the skin’s vitality and appearance. 

On the audio level, the S-ENSO experience utilizes eight audio guided-relaxation sessions, coupled with sound and tones, that support meditative states. This—combined with mental exercises—helps to encourage stress relief, weight management, positive self-esteem/body image and more.

Sessions with the S-ENSO Beauty System bring more harmony and balance in the association between the body and mind, thus relieving muscle tension, calming the mental state, and softening the appearance of facial lines. 

Destress the body, while redressing the internal mental belief systems and holding patterns that create stress and muscle tension. Restore the natural flow of energy and harmonize mind and spirit using this innovative technology.

*S-ENSO is the successor to the Sapphire software