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Before you do any software updating it is always advisable to preserve your client files. Here is the latest method to back up your client files since the 12 12 12 mandatory software release. As of the 2013 software updates; SCIO/EPFX/Eductor users now have an automated Client Backup Tool icon located on their computer desktop. Look for an Icon called BackupRestore and click it to follow the prompts and save your client files.

If you do not have this tool you can download it from Client Backup Tool. Just beware that is only works with the 12 12 12 and newer software,

Saving Your Client Files Manual Method (without the Desktop Tool)

It is rare that client files are lost during new version updates (12 12 12 and up) but you should do a client back up to prevent permanent loss. It is highly recommended that you save these to an external place (flash drive) in case you ever have a problem with your current computer and need to reinstall the windows O/S or have to install on a new computer. You would then be able to insert your last saved client list.

Step by Step Instructions

• Open Demographics
• Click ‘Load Previous Client…’
• You will see your client database list
• In the upper right you will see the option ” Backup and Restore “.
• Click ” Backup and Restore ”
• You will see the option to do a ‘Backup’ or to do a ‘Restore’
• Select ‘ Backup ‘ and you will be able to chose where you save the “Patient” folder, obviously saving it outside the Clasp32 software program is important . Chose where you wish to save it on your computer, or more securely you could save them externally, to a flash drive.
• Once you have made the choice you will see that your client list being scrolled through.
Make sure you wait until this process finishes and you receive the message that the ‘ Backup is Complete’.

Restoring Client Files

To Restore your client list you take very similar steps.
• Go into Demographics and Click “Load Previous Client…”
• Click Backup and Restore button
• Chose the ‘Restore’ option
• Select where you had stored the “Patient” folder and follow the prompts etc.

Note: You cannot merge client files. For example if you had to install on a new computer and you had already entered one or more clients before you restore a previous client back up list, it will write over those new clients.

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