Susan; Updated January 21, 2016


 It is rare that client files are lost during new version updates (12 12 12 and up), but here are the steps as a backup safety measure. If you are regularly adding new clients do this process frequently as you can only restore from your latest client backup. In the event of a hard drive crash you may not be able to retrieve them from your software.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Open Demographics
  2. Click ‘Load Previous Client/Patient…’
  3. You will see your client database list. In the upper right you will see the option “Backup and Restore “. (Only available on later software versions)
  4. Click ” Backup and Restore ” The menu will display the options to do a ‘Backup’ or a ‘Restore’
  5. Select ‘ Backup ‘ and you will be able to choose where you save the “DataPatient.db3” file.
  6. It is recommended to save it outside of the Indigo64 software program. Chose where you wish to save it, either on your computer, or more securely you could save them externally, to a flash drive.
  7. Once you have made the choice you will see that your client list being scrolled through. If you have a large list of clients this could take several minutes. Make sure you wait until this process finishes and you receive the message that the ‘ Backup is Complete’.

Restoring Client Files

To “Restore” your client list the steps are similar.

  1. Go into Demographics and Click “Load Previous Client/Patient…”
  2. Click the “Backup and Restore” button
  3. Chose the “Restore” option
  4. Select where you had stored the “DataPatient.db3” file
  5. Answer the questions and follow the prompts.

Note: You cannot merge client files. For example if you had to install on a new computer and you had already entered one or more clients before you restored a previous client back up list, it will write over those new clients.

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