SCIO ACTIVATION "How Do I Get My SCIO Clasp32 Activated?"



NOTE: This post has been updated.  Many warnings were sent out in 09 about the impending change in the activation process.  As of Jan 1 2010 Independent Brokers could no longer give software activations (load codes).
The QX Subspace (Budapest Home Office) website is the only place to get an online activation for the current FDA compliant software.
QXCI and SCIO owners must register online at  before the activation system can be accessed.
View the online navigation video tutorials to assist you with their process.
During this registration process you will need to create and account (Username and Password) and enter your contact information as well as your device serial number.  They must find this serial number registered to your name in their database.  If you cannot register online perhaps you have previously purchased from someone else and have not gone through the correct transfer of ownership proceedures.  Their website has a section  for the transfer of ownership and a PDF form to fill out.   If you had a replacement due to a repair issue this could be another reason, in this case contact your broker for assistance.

NOTE:  If you are a TQA customer and experience trouble with the device registration Support Central will do what they can to help you.  For example, show you how to create an account or the process to retrieve a lost password (but it is all on their website).  For a device that will not get recognized in their database, Budapest Home Office will need to be contacted.  We can guide, assist or direct you with this, as the case may require.  They will need to knwo where you purchased the device and any other details you can provide (and may require a picture of the device serial number).  We can gather the information and contact them on your behalf so we can all be aware of the reply.

Activation instructions with pictures are attached in PDF form below.