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Computer-Specifications 20223(PDF

Please download the above PDF for a much easier way to review of this information as color coding is used in it to guide you.

A common question we get asked is about installing the software on a new computer or another computer. Since the Omnis and device software can be demanding on computers, due to their high graphic and video content, it requires certain specs the run smoothly.

In this document we list some differences between the minimum vs optimal specs. We also explain Dedicated vs Integrated graphics so you can make an informed decision.

Non techy individuals struggle to understand the computer specifications. Details, which is why this document was created. If you qualify to receive our remote, technical support assistance, you can email us and ask about a computer you are intending to buy. Also contact us if you have an existing computer you want to install the device software on. For those considering a new laptop we can let you know if it meets the specifications if you send us a link to the website of the laptop model, listing all of its specifications. Please do not send us an advertisement image, as these are usually just stating the most prominent specs. We usually require more info than that.

Important Notes to Consider When Shopping for a Computer;
Examples of Computers That Meet Specs


The following are HP models. Of course, you are not limited to HP laptops and can choose Dell, another top brand names. Below are examples of laptop models accompanied with the basic system specs that meet the requirements. The name and model can be searched online to find the full specs and features. However, Technology advances quickly and computer models are availability is always changing.

An example of a computer with a 17.3’ Display:
  HP 17″ Laptop 17-cn2008ca – Natural Silver (Windows 11)
An example of a computer with a 15.6” Display:
  HP Envy 15” Laptop 15-dy5088ca – Natural Silver (Windows 11)
An example of a 15.6” convertible 2 in 1 laptop (converts to a tablet)
 HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-es0003ca – Natural Silver (Windows 11)


General Overall Computer Specs Required


Below the info with blue are premium or optimal

The specs in dark blue are less optimal, but sometimes ok

The information in red denotes very poor or the things to avoid



Other Important Relevant Notes


USB Ports;  

Anti-Virus Security Software; 


Importance of a High-Speed Internet Connection:

NOT Supported:

Gaming Laptops:

If you are on a Budget:

Medical Grade Surge Protector/Suppressor:

 Understanding Graphics Cards = Graphics Processing Units (GPU)

Please note there is a big difference between Integrated (less expensive) vs a Dedicated/Discrete Graphics Cards. GPUs are a specialized processor, originally designed to accelerate graphics rendering. GPUs can process many pieces of data simultaneously, making them useful for machine learning, video editing, and gaming applications. GPUs may be integrated into the computer’s CPU or offered as a discrete/dedicated hardware unit.

Dedicated GPU’s: A dedicated or discrete graphics card is optimal. Dedicated GPU’s, are not a part of the Processor. So they are not taking up memory resources when running graphics.

Graphics Card GPU: Ideally dedicated with at least 2 GB (NVIDIA Geforce) – instead of the optimal 4 GB (NVIDIA Geforce)

However, integrated Graphics can work well when the other specs are optimal, like 16 GB RAM because integrated graphics use more of a computer’s memory resources.

A Dedicated/ Discrete GPU can also be purchased separately and added. They are inserted on the Motherboard’s PCI-Express Slot. They cost a few hundred dollars more, but the performance of a dedicated GPU is far superior. Since they have their own video memory, they do not consume the shared RAM. Some of the popular Dedicated Graphics Cards are from the Nvidia GeForce. Note that the AMD Radeon series or Rayzen are not recommended for our software.

As a comparison of the least costly of dedicated GPUs is the Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 2GB, which may cost 100 to 200 dollars extra, but it much more powerful than choosing a computer with an Integrated GPU.

Integrated GPU’s A computer with optimal specs, as in 16 GB RAM as well as later gen Processor (9-12) with a high CPU speed, will compensate for having a computer with an integrated GPU. Since an integrated GPU is part of the computers CPU processor it has to share the system’s memory resources. Note that when reading computer specs, an integrated GPU may also be referred to as “onboard graphics”.


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