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Susan Updated; January 23, 2016


Currently the latest software for the Indigo is the 8 8 14 and the fee will be 300 Euro. The Software Manager Tool is used to do the update and is currently found on  in the Downloads and Updates section on your account.

This process must be used rather than the 8 8 14 Service Pack if you are installing over the 11 11 11 software and is defiantly recommended over the 12 12 12 software.

Before Installation:

  1. If you have backdated the computer clock (due to expired version) please make sure it is set to the current date before you proceed
  2. Make sure your Windows updates are all up to date. As long as the computer is scheduled for regular updates it will be fine.  You would just want to make sure that they haven’t been turned off or undone due to backdating the computer
  3. You need to have your USERNAME and PASSWORD in order to access the software updates area to do the Download and to be able to Activate.
  4. Test this by going to the website with your Indigo account It requires your Username and your Password to open
  5. Your Username is your email address and if you don’t know your Password, here is where to go to reset it;
  6. This will generate an auto reply email and allow you to create a new one.

Before Installation: (ignore if new computer)

  1. If you have added Matrix Items you need to back them up first.  (Ignore if a new computer, unless you can still access the previous software)  Gage Tarrant has shared a video showing an alternative way to back up and restore the Added Gage/Nelson Matrix Items on 2010-2011 software
  2. Client files can only be backed up if you have access to the software or have previously backed them up.  If you have older software than the 12 12 12, this may no longer be possible.
  3. Click on the Software Manager (full 2014 version download) It doesn’t sate that it is the 8-8-2014, because it is a tool that connects to the internet when your computer is online and will always update itself to the latest version currently available.
  4. Click Save and it will download then click Run  (Make sure your Antivirus software doesn’t block it)
  5. The install window will cover the entire screen and you will be required to go through the prompts by clicking  Next Next Next /finish etc.

Installations after downloading the QX Software Manager Tool: 

  1. Check your computer’s desktop for the QX Subspace Software Manager Tool.  This is where the Icon installs and it requires your Username and Password to open
  2. Click on the appropriate Download option for your specific device
  3. This is a long download, so if your internet is connection is not very good connect directly with an Ethernet Cable.  Expect on average 1-1/2 hours, depending on Internet speed and quality. If it stalls or freezes (you don’t see any indication of files installing for many minutes) you can close and reopen it and it should resume. If you get an error about a file not installed, restart the tool and it will continue.
  4. When complete there will be an INSTALL button to Click (if this button actually works, which is very rare, skip to #14)


Failed Install

  1. Unfortunately 90% of the time clicking the INSTALL button will do nothing.  If it doesn’t automatically start after clicking, there is another way to get it to launch.  If you are a little computer savvy and comfortable with it, you can follow these instructions;
  2. Don’t jump ahead to the next part of downloading and running the 8 8 14 Service Pack, because you need the base files from this full install first.
  3. Go into your Computer’s C Drive: and double Click to open it
  4. Locate the folder that reads; COM Apps and double Click to open it
  5. Find the Software Manager Folder and double Chick to open it
  6. Find the folder that displays a software version ie; 8 8 14
  7. If this tool was used before you may see more than one version folder there. Double Click to open the version needed. Once open, you will see a list of numbered  files
  8. Double Click the Install file, the one with the little icon. It is the Application file at the very bottom of the list. The Install page should launch.
  9. Click Next/ Next/ Next /and go through the prompts to Finish.
  10. Ignore the error message that comes up after clicking Yes, to installing the BIG Video add ons.  These can be installed later and are only needed if you have the Eductor device or the BIG software.
  11. After this is complete you should also run the “8 8 14 Service Pack”  (May be needed for the Disease Dictionary to work)

On a New Install:

  1. You will also need to run the DivX 511 Bundle. After the software install this will be located on your desktop, as an Icon.  This is the software needed for running hte software graphics as in the Bodyviewer.
  2. If this is a new software install you will need to assign and set the Com Port for the device recognition. If for some reason the drivers are not on the computer after the software installation this will need to be done as well.  (Instructions listed in a separate FAQ Setting The USB COM Port )


The Activation is done from inside the Software on the Password Screen.

On the Password Screen (don’t enter 1122) Look for the word Activation / Click it /Click Internet / Enter your Username and Password / You will be directed to Pay Pal to pay the activation fee.

Full Step by Step Activation Process:

You will only be able to activate if the device is detected at 25%. The Indigo device needs to be communicating with the software to allow the online Activation.

  1. The Activation is done through the software once you get into the Password Screen
  2. Once inside the Password Screen look for the word Activation (don’t enter 1122 yet)
  1. Click Activation
  2. Click Internet
  3. Enter your Username and Password
  4. Click Send to Server (There will be a long pause)
  5. You should be directed to Pay Pal to pay the Activation fee. There will be an Activation fee for a new version, on a second computer install, or even the same computer with a new HDD. There is no fee required to reactivate on the same computer that required a reinstall of the same software, or if the software has reverted to Demo Mode. See the FAQ Post; Reverted To Demo Mode, Test Function Disabled

Very Important:  After the PayPal payment has been approved/received and finalized.  Do not close out the page. You must now apply the payment you just made to the Activation, so make sure you do not miss this step:

  1. Click Return to QX Bahamas Ltd” Look for these very important words on the screen in blue “Return to QX Bahamas Ltd” This MUST be clicked to apply the fee and Activation the software.
  2. There will be a long pause, so wait until you see the message “Congratulations you are activated”
  3. Click Ok
  4. There will be another dialogue message congratulating you.  When you click this Ok it will take you out of the software and back to the desktop.
  5. Upon re-entry into the software it will be fully activated.

Note:  If you have closed the PayPal page without clicking “Return to QX Bahamas Ltd” it will still be in Demo Mode. You will see the hand holding the lightning bolt and won’t be able to access the software fully, as in, the TEST function.  If you are still in Demo Mode upon re-entry into the software, simply perform the Activation steps again.

This time you should get the congratulation message prompts, without going to PayPal.

Test the Software:

  1. On the Indigo be sure to set the Gage Matrix again for the Main Matrix.  It is found under Order of Remedies on the Main Matrix.  Only do it if you see GT Matrix Activation.  You will need to close and reopen the software for it to be fully functioning and giving accurate results.
  2. Do a trial session and run a TEST go to Risks Profile, Hyper reactions (Allersodes) panel, the Homeopathic feedback, Dental, Aging, Homotoxicology, the BV, the DD to re-index all those databases.
  3. It is good to open as may parts of the software as possible on the first test session to get all the databases syncing again.

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