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Susan Updated; August 2019

If you have not yet updated your software since the mandatory 12 12 12 version, there are several new things to note. The latest version is the 3 3 18 and will include all the features added since the 12 12 12 was released. The update fee is 100 Euro, no matter which version you are currently running. If you are still using the 11 11 11 software version please click here

Since the release of the 9 9 13 software practitioners can now use the Indigo software without the device connected for 50 sessions. I still highly recommend keeping the device connected for virtual sessions so that the software runs smoothly. If you run the software in Virtual Mode, it will not seem as smooth and fluid as it usually runs. You may have trouble noticing when something has completed as you will not always see the “Indigo is Working” panel displaying. You will not have access to the AFE’s and BV. For those that have updated and don’t realize this is a new feature, they may run a Virtual Mode session without realizing it. The software prior to the 9 9 13 would not open unless the device was detected at 25%. Since the 9 9 13 some have mistakenly thought they have reverted to Demo Mode because of the Virtual Mode message, or those that didn’t notice the message, thought that they had lost some of the software functions like the BV. So if you make a mistake and the device is not connected, or in the wrong USB port, or the software was opened too quickly (before the device fully initialized), you will start the first of 50 Virtual sessions. You will see this countdown number appear right above where you type the default password 1122. The next session when the device is re-connected and or you just go back out and come back in and the second time the device is recognized at 25% the countdown will be reset.  The next time a Virtual Mode session starts the 50 use countdown resumes.

New features released in the 7 7 14 version (summer of 2014);

There are a significant number of new features that have been added since the 7 7 14 version. The following list provides a brief overview;

Simply Indigo = New Program additions

Auto Focus Zap = Several New Program additions

NLP = 21 New AFE programs additions (see list below)

Another new feature allows you to access The BIG program (separately purchased) through a button from within the “Indigo is Working” panel.

To get a closer look and the details, you can check out this video about the Indigo 7 7 14 that was put out by the QX/BHO office

INDIGO NLP “New GSR tCDs QRB AFE” drop down menu

1.) Enlightenment Training Rx.,

2.) Bladder Control Eneuresis Rx,

3.) Neurological paralysis or spasm RX

4.) Mathematical Superlearning Rx,

5.) Superlearning – Memory Storage and Retrieval,

6.) Diabetic Neuropathy,

7.) Sport Performance Stamina and Strength RX,

8.) Sport Performance Focus (In the Zone) Rx,

9.) Sport Peformance Coordination Rx,

10.) Overall Pain Management Migraine RX,

11.) Lose Weight Rx,

12.) Insight Intellect Development- Janusian Rx,

13.) Lucid Dreaming Rx,

14.) ESP Rx,

15.) Stimulate Creativity RX,

16.) Depression RX,

17.) Electro-Transcendental Meditation, expand consciousness Rx.

18.) Stimulate Brain Circulation Stroke Rx,

19.) Schizophrenia Temdemcoes Rx,

20.) Chronic Fatigue Hypo-Endocrine Rx,

21.) Healing Energy Enhancement,

The optional 8 8 14 software was released on January 2, 2015 for the Indigo software.

  1. New Auto Focus Zap for West African Diseases (Ebola Function)
  2. The American Nutraceutical remedies added to the Matrix. New German remedies with Venoms and Enzymes
  3. Two additional AFE’s were added to supplement the 21 “New GSR tCDs QRB AFE” in the drop down menu in the NLP program added in the 7 7 14 =  GSR tDCS Superlearning Function and the  GSR tDCs Sport Performance
  4. Hormone Streaming AFE from NLP QRB becomes the 24th in the menu. This program allows you to select a desired hormone from the Mental Factors and Emotion Chart and then start the Hormone Strehaming AFE (the default is ‘Human Growth Hormone’).
  5. The BIG Program has new videos under BIG Biofeedback Movies and Autofocus Emphasis tab: Scholastic Performance Enhancement and Sport Performance Enhancement.

3 3 18 Changes:

Simply Indigo: There are new items in the Simply Indigo program at the bottom of the list. PTSD, Chronic Fatigue to name a few. It will also run a longer automated session now. The following are the revised and/or added options;

  1. Chakra Cleansing/Opening
  2. Infection
  3. Reduce Negative Emotions
  4. Build Brain Symmetry
  5. Release Mental Superpowers
  6. PTSD Support
  7. Oxygenation
  8. Chronic Fatigue
  9. Lucid Dreaming Stimulation Via EEG
  10. Dormant Intellect Gene 10 min.
  11. Superconscious Choice
  12. Extra Dimensional Boost

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